donna wilson


when I came across these cute creatures by Donna Wilson, I had to search through my archives to make sure I hadn’t already posted about them.  something feels so familiar but I couldn’t remember where I’d seen them before.  I love that striped cat and the lightning bolt pillow!




wolf's favorite place

Wolf’s favorite place to be these days is in the living room.  we’ve got a big space with lots of light and plenty of room for him to explore.  we even did a little temporary rearranging to block off plants and other unfriendly things.  right now we keep Wolf’s toys in a cardboard box, soon to be replaced with something prettier, but it’s so cute to watch him {speed} crawl over to it and start pulling his toys out one by one.  his favorites?  a pot lid, a bongo drum his grandma bought him and a maraca.  do we think this boy will be a percussionist?  yes!




this guy just cracks me up.  I love hearing little words start to develop in his babbling.  his first?  mama.  I actually think he may have said it TO me yesterday but it was probably just coincidence.  he was babbling while I was playing with him, then I got up to leave the room and he said it really loud, “MA MA!”, just like he was saying it to me so that I wouldn’t leave.  I turned back around and he happily smiled and resumed bouncing on his feet while standing in the crib.  {his favorite activity of late – even at 3am}



Wolf’s wolf stuff

white wolf esoule

when I was pregnant and we finally decided that we were going to name our little boy Wolf, I vowed not to get him a whole bunch of wolf stuff.  7 months later, he’s got that cute wolf from Regina and 3 more wolf stuffed animals from family, a wooden wolf that says WOLF on it, a hand-painted wolf from small adventure, a wolf in the forest onesie, a wolf blanket and probably more that I can’t think of.  his first ornament was a wolf, too.  I try not to focus on wolf things but I catch myself browsing through animals, searching for a wolf ALL. THE. TIME.  I suppose it was bound to happen and the kid will just have to get used to his name being connected with the animal.  sigh.

he’s already got a print from Elizabeth Soule, but naturally I’m in love with her newest white wolf, too.  maybe for my office?



we’ve got a mover!

inch worm

just around the time that we left for our vacation, Wolf became mobile.  he’s a pro inch worm and scoots around on his belly and sometimes his butt.  things got easy and more difficult all at the same time.  he’s happy to scoot around and play with himself but that also meant we could no longer plop him down on the bed and expect that he’d stay there.  accident #1 occurred on our trip – Wolf scoots off the bed.  no serious injuries to the baby, but Mom felt pretty dang terrible.

and – bonus trick – Wolf pulled up to standing in the crib this morning… all by himself!  what a big kid we’ve got.  I suppose running is just around the corner.