and we’re walking…

I thought I’d been as emotional wowed as I could possibly be through all of Wolf’s milestones but nothing hit me harder than watching my little boy taking his first steps.

we’d been trying to walk for what seems like a month now. he’d take our hand and walk around the living room. but the second we’d let go, he’d plop down or stare up at us as he stood in place for a few seconds before reaching back for our hand or tumbling to the ground. he walked on his tippy toes and we wondered if his little feet would ever flatten to the ground. so when Levi took him out into the backyard on Saturday morning to walk around and play in the grass, we noticed that he was walking with flat feet. he seemed so confident and hardly even held Levi’s hand. so we came inside and practiced. and then… teetering nervously in the middle of the kitchen, he took his first few steps into Levi’s arms. we cheered! he smiled and clapped! and he did it again. and again. and again!!!

rolling over was ok, sitting up unassisted was fun, crawling was way cool, but walking? I see it as kind of like the transition from baby to little kid. every time he walks, he’s walking faster and faster and as I know, pretty soon he’ll be running.  and now as we’re just a short month and a half until his first birthday I ask myself often, where did my tiny baby go?




solvej swings


eventually we’d like to get a swing for Wolf. he LOVES swinging and I’d love to have one at our own house. and being the advocate of less plastic that I am, I’ve gotten my head stuck on a wooden swing. I’ve had visions of pushing Wolf in a fancy wooden swing in the backyard in our dream house and a few weeks ago, I pinned a wooden swing image that I’d sourced back to an old Domino magazine with no references. since then, I’ve been madly on the hunt. today while on the search again, I not only found that swing but I also found the jackpot swing.

Solvej swings are made in New Zealand from weather proof materials, natural durable timber, rot proof canvas and stainless steel fittings so you can use it outdoors. plus, they have carbine hooks and screw eyes make it very easy for you to move the swing so you can use it indoors as well. {hooray!} they are pretty much the nicest swings I’ve ever seen. I love that they are canvas – more comfortable! and I love the natural simplicity of them. and Wolf told me he wants one too so… Dad?  ;)



babies away!


Dads and their kids. it’s a totally different relationship than moms and their kids, right? my Dad used to catapult me off his shoulders into the pool when I was a kid. it was SO fun but I’m sure it drove my mom crazy. Levi loves to horse around with Wolf, from dashing out from behind a door and shouting BOO! to tossing him playfully in the air. Wolf laughs and smiles the entire time while I say things like, “not so high!” or “that makes me nervous!”. we often joke that Levi is Cool Dad and I’m Mean Mom. Levi will always look out for Wolf’s safety but I’m sure my heart will stop a few times while Wolf grows up snowboarding and trying out the newest tricks.

{this AMAZING photo is from mricon via the yard pdx}




wolf got a new mobile

forest creatures mobile

a few weeks ago, Wolf got a new mobile that we hung over his crib. remember his previous jungle creatures mobile that my Dad had custom made for him in the Philippines? we’ll… we’ve been working together, emailing and sending samples back and forth for a few months now and we’re really close to finalizing a forest creatures version that we hope to offer for sale soon. Wolf’s pretty stoked about the new mobile.  we are, too!



games of make believe


I loved browsing though these images from Waddler.  seeing the kids smiling and laughing while playing instantly brought back memories of my childhood.  the games I used to play and the adventures I would take.   when I was a kid, I loved pretending.  one day I’d be a gymnast, tumbling around my parent’s giant bedroom floor and the next I was a spy on a secret mission, hiding high in the trees in my front yard.  another time I set up a post office in my dining room, using the slatted windows and sill as my work space.  and just like most kids, I’d build massive forts in the living room, with couch cushions and nearly every sheet in the house.  then my best friend and I would pretend we were queens, each from an opposing nation, defending our fort.

it makes me excited for Wolf to grow up.  he’s got lots of games of make believe waiting for him and days where playtime and exploration consume every ounce of his being.


{images from Waddler}