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florida for the holidays


we spent our winter vacation in warm, sunny Florida.  Wolf got to meet great-grandparents and little buddies.  we had so much fun but we’re glad to be home.  here’s a few photos from our trip via instagram.



a wolf in stripes

wolf stripes

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: there’s nothing cuter than a baby in stripes.  this little one in particular does them quite well.  the kind folks at Polarn O. Pyret sent Wolf a set of the eco-stripe leggings and top in their classic red and white stripes.  and in perfect timing – they are the cutest for the holidays!  yesterday when he had them on I kept thinking he looked like a little Santa and all he needed was a hat and fluffy white beard.  the little clothes from PO.P are so soft and cozy.  is it too much that I’m considering these leggings as pjs for myself?

Wolf has a few pairs of socks from PO.P as well and they are the best.  they actually stay on his busy feet when everything else seems to fall off.

wolf stripes

 stripes courtesy of Polarn O. Pyret.  thanks PO.P!




ada ada – nights shining armor

ada ada fall 11

since I first happened upon Ada Ada back in the spring, it’s fast becoming my favorite haunt for baby clothes and outfit inspiration.  in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with grey and navy, just can’t.  I love the way the collection is styled to be used as layering pieces.  I’ve been concerned with how to keep Wolf warm when winter arrives.  the jackets I’ve seen seem so bulky for his long skinny size, so I love the idea of layering him up.

Wolf has a few pieces from Ada Ada, a onesie {which we call his “howl at the moon” onesie}, some leggings and a blanket.  we just love them!

wolf ada ada

cute little “baby’s first plaid” was thrifted.