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solvej swings


eventually we’d like to get a swing for Wolf. he LOVES swinging and I’d love to have one at our own house. and being the advocate of less plastic that I am, I’ve gotten my head stuck on a wooden swing. I’ve had visions of pushing Wolf in a fancy wooden swing in the backyard in our dream house and a few weeks ago, I pinned a wooden swing image that I’d sourced back to an old Domino magazine with no references. since then, I’ve been madly on the hunt. today while on the search again, I not only found that swing but I also found the jackpot swing.

Solvej swings are made in New Zealand from weather proof materials, natural durable timber, rot proof canvas and stainless steel fittings so you can use it outdoors. plus, they have carbine hooks and screw eyes make it very easy for you to move the swing so you can use it indoors as well. {hooray!} they are pretty much the nicest swings I’ve ever seen. I love that they are canvas – more comfortable! and I love the natural simplicity of them. and Wolf told me he wants one too so… Dad?  ;)



donna wilson


when I came across these cute creatures by Donna Wilson, I had to search through my archives to make sure I hadn’t already posted about them.  something feels so familiar but I couldn’t remember where I’d seen them before.  I love that striped cat and the lightning bolt pillow!