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26 weeks


26 weeks.  this week my iPhone app says the baby is the size of a hothouse cucumber.  that kind of makes me giggle because I’ve been feeling like a hot house lately.  my temp is running warmer than normal and I’m beginning to feel large {and a wee bit uncomfortable}.  I’m quite certain I can feel what might either be a little head or a tiny rump underneath my right ribcage.  I let Levi feel the difference between my left and right sides last night and all he could say was “that’s so crazy!!”  yea no kidding!  I still can’t get over the strange feeling that there is a tiny person inside of me.

I’m really excited because two friends just revealed that they are expecting babies!!  I have a friend who’s due 10 days after me, two friends due mid-July, one in September and another in October.  so many babies, I love it.   I suppose it’s that time in our lives!

oh… and I’m even MORE excited to be in a double digit count down.  98 days, little man.



25 weeks


25 weeks.

people are finally starting to notice that I’m pregnant.  at work, people come up to me and casually say “is that a baby belly I spy?”  I wear dresses a lot during the week, since my pre-pregnacy pants don’t fit anymore.  my dresses that still fit are the more blousey ones but my belly is beginning to really show and finally starting to poke out from underneath them.

I know what people mean now when they say, all of a sudden your belly just pops.  I’ve thought I’ve had a pretty big belly all along, though something about how I’m feeling this week makes me think our little man had a major growth spurt.  plus, I put on 5lbs in 3 days!  it’s like all of a sudden I just weighed 5 lbs more and I was like, what the heck!  I’m also noticing that my belly button is a lot shallower than once before.  I have a really deep belly button and I can finally see the bottom!

105 more days!  and whoa… it’s almost February?  where did the time go!

{I thought these pics were funny.  Levi and I were in a hurry to get out of the house so he was kind of shooting pics at me paparazzi style so naturally they were all blurry.  but I look so happy!  also, I just wanted to say thanks for reading, friends.  I appreciate your support and loving comments!!}



bumps and paws

24 weeks24 weeks

I can’t help but wonder how our cats will react to the introduction of our little man.  Chuck {the tabby, not pictured} is a lover.  he loves laying on his back while being scratched on his belly, snuggling in our big warm bed and purrs constantly.  loud noises and new things tend to frighten him a little but I’m not so concerned about Chuck because I know he’ll quickly warm up.  it’s the naughty black one named Moose {pictured above} that I’m a little worried about.

even though he’s my favorite evening lap cat and unbelievably loving, sweet and good most of the time, he’s especially moody and all kinds of bad.  he bangs and meows at our bedroom door at 3am, he nibbles on your leg if you don’t feed him quick enough and he’s ridiculously nosy and gets into just about everything.  he likes routine as odd as that sounds for a cat and he gets uncomfortable when things are different.  I have no doubt that Moose will eventually be a baby lover just like Chuck, but I wonder about those first meetings.  we’ll be watching his moves for the first few months, just to make sure he doesn’t hiss or swipe his little black paws across our new bundle’s face.

24 weeks down, 16 to go.

{update:  just to show you Moose isn’t all that bad, here’s a photo Levi just snapped of him doing what he does best – being a lap cat.  this is part of his regular routine, snuggling with me while I’m trying to work.  pretty soon lap cat & laptop won’t work with a big belly.}



the progression of things

baby blanket

I’ve been hard at work on the blanket for our little man.  I finally got through all four colors!  I’m planning to make the next 7 rows of white, then go back to yellow, dark blue, etc., so it kind of makes a rippling effect.  lots more to go, but it’s really starting to look like a blanket!


today I’m 22 weeks, 7 days.  sorry for the grainy photo.  it was so dark in our apartment when Levi took this for me, I almost didn’t post it.  we’ve had rain, rain and more rain this weekend which on the good side, makes for a pretty relaxing weekend at home.  at least I’m sort of used to the rain now.  I’ve learned that coats with hoods are a necessity.  {so are strollers with rain covers!}

I’m off to cook garbanzo bean burgers for dinner – one of our favorites.  I loosely use the recipe from Super Natural Cooking and they turn out great every time.  after dinner Levi and I are indulging a little with a special dessert I’ve been craving:  frozen yogurt with hot baked apples on top!  best way to end a cool, rainy weekend.



22 weeks, 1 day


today I am 22 weeks.  only 126 more days give or take till we meet our little man.

I got my Gap maternity jeans on Friday and man I’m so thrilled with them.  aside from my round belly, they don’t even look like maternity jeans!  I ended up with the always skinny full panel jeans from the Gap and they are pretty much fantastic.  I’m quite certain I’ll be able to wear them throughout my pregnancy as the panel has lots of room to grow.  right now they are a bit big in the hips and I almost decided to return them for a size smaller but I figured I’d need a little room to grow.  plus, those pant legs are super skinny at the calf!!  over all, worth the $$ and highly recommended.



20 weeks, 4 days


half. way. through.  and… my pants are finally starting to feel a little snug.  I’ve been living in dresses during the week but I’m such a jeans & t-shirt gal on the weekends that I think I’ll treat myself to a pair of maternity jeans next week.  my Bella Band is great but it has it’s limitations.  like, having to adjust the thing all the time or when it gives a weird ripple over the buttons.  has anyone had experience with the always skinny maternity jeans from the Gap?  they look the most fashionable for the price but still, $80 on maternity jeans?  yikes…  they better be way good.

on a side note, all this week I’ve been waiting for a text or phone call from one of my best friends who’s in labor as I type!  she was due on Christmas day and I finally got a text from her at 5am this morning that she hopes to meet baby C tonight.  good luck Lauren!!



it’s a…


yep, that’s right!!  there is a little boy in that belly!  we are so excited, especially Levi.  even though he’d have been just as happy if it was a little girl, he was down right ecstatic to hear that it is a boy.  I always pictured myself with two kids – a boy first.  so when the tech confirmed there were definitely boy parts, we high-fived each other again – we’re big on high-fives.


during the ultrasound our little man was wiggling and stretching and being uber cute.  the ultrasound technician went over every part of his anatomy, from his tiny heart to the little toes on his feet.  she told us he had long skinny feet and long legs.  I’m hoping that means he’ll be tall and slender, like his dad.  look at that leg shot!


now we need to come up with names!!  boy names have been so difficult for us from the start.  we’ve got a few on our list including a middle name we want for sure.  most of all, we were so happy to see our little man.  he’s precious and perfect in every way and we can not wait to meet him.  21 more weeks!