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33 weeks


each week when Monday rolls around again, I gasp in shock at how little time we have left until our little man’s arrival.  this morning my app said 50 days till my guess date.  50 DAYS!  that just blows my mind.

we’ve been productive though.  little things keep trickling into the baby’s room.  a rug, an amazing poster for the wall, a beautiful new blanket from a friend, little clothes, socks, books, toys and the letter W.  that’s right… the letter W.  as in, our son’s initial.  we decided on a name for our little man.  even though Levi and I have pretty much known what it was for awhile now, but finally made the 100% decision and told our families this week.  I’m not good at keeping secrets, but only 50 or so days left until I can share with you, right?

7 weeks to go!



32 weeks


it’s official.  this marks the week that I officially feel pregnant.  I’m feeling big.  feeling breathless.  feeling like I’m beginning to waddle.  feeling braxton hicks.  feeling a wee bit uncomfortable.

feeling restless.

at my doctors appt last Friday, I decided to ask her if she could tell how big he was at this point.  while she said it was all kind of guesstimate at this stage, she did feel my belly and immediately say “oh yea, he’s about 4lbs” which if going by the average size on most websites and in books, is either right on track or about a week big.  bigger babies do run in the family, as do early ones.

I can’t help that the thought of this little man coming early has also been on my mind.  I was only 3 days early but Levi comes from a family of 5 children, all who were early but one.  he was a month early and already 7.5 lbs.  I know babies come when they’re ready, but I can’t help but want to be prepared for his early arrival just in case… which makes me a bit restless.

only a few more weeks, little man.  and if you come early, we’ll be ready for you as long as you’re ready and healthy enough to come out.


would you believe it if I told you I’ve had this shirt for 3 years?  yea… I wasn’t quite convinced when Levi told me back then that it looked like a maternity shirt.  it’s sat in my closet for a while, even though it hasn’t gotten too much wear.  and what do you know?  apparently it does work as a maternity shirt after all.



31 weeks


I finished the zig zag blanket for our little man this weekend and I’m so so SO proud of it.  it’s quite possibly the longest I’ve ever spent on one project!  to put it into perspective, I used a fingering weight yarn so each of those 91 rows took me about 20 minutes to stitch.  I’m too tired to do the math but there’s a lot of love in that blanket!  I’m already on to project #2 and I can’t wait to share it with you.  I’ll give you a hint: it’s an animal!

it’s crazy for me to think that I’ve moved into the single digit numbers for weeks left until my guess date.  most of my free thoughts involve our little man in some form or another.  lately they’ve been about what color eyes he’ll have, or how big his nose will be, or will he have long fingers and toes?  I suppose I should be thinking about the things that need to be done in the next few weeks too like making sure everything {as well as myself!!} is ready for his arrival.  9 week or so left till we meet him!





30 weeks


and it begins… the countdown of sorts.  to me, I feel like 30 weeks is a major milestone.  it feels like a big deal.  10 weeks left till my “guess date”.

we watched a documentary this weekend Pregnant in America.  it was just ok.  it was kind of along the same lines as The Business of Being Born but it follows a couple on their journey to find out more about natural childbirth while having their own baby.  one thing I picked up from the film was the concept of a “guess date” rather than a due date.  people get so wrapped around this single day, even when only 5% of all babies are born then!  since I’ve had 3 different due dates over the course of my pregnancy I suppose I’m best off following the concept of a few “guess dates”.

let the guessing polls begin.




29 weeks


29 weeks – whoa!!  every time I get a week closer to my due date, I get just a little more excited.  and I realize how much needs to be done!  but I feel like we got a lot accomplished babywise this week/weekend:  we got our crib mattress, put on cute cute custom gingham sheets I ordered weeks ago, bought wood for shelves that Levi is sanding and staining this week and looked at Flor samples for a rug.  still lots left to do, but it feels good to get some things done!

I bought this little wolf from Regina at Every Eskimo.  I simply couldn’t resist.  her work is incredible and I’m so happy to have one of her animals!

every eskimo wolf



28 weeks


why, hello third trimester!

it’s so funny.  to me, I feel like I’m so close.  but then I think back to how long ago it was that I entered my second trimester and it makes me remember how long I’ve got left.  but, as I’m told – it will FLY BY.

yesterday we had our birth center tour at the hospital I’ll be delivering at and I have to admit, I was quite impressed.  no fluorescent lighting in the rooms, a {smallish} jacuzzi tub in every suite, birthing balls and bars available, a baby in room policy and the baby will be put directly on my chest after I push him out, unless there is some medical reason why he can’t be.

maybe I’m out of the typical hospital loop but all the documentaries that I’ve seen make it sound like giving birth in a hospital will be a terrible experience.  while I’m sure having a home birth or a birth at a birthing center would be more ideal, the structure of this particular hospital plus convenience of it’s location {we live 3 short blocks away}, make me feel really lucky to have chosen this one.

12 more weeks.  and his kicks just keep getting bigger and bigger.




27 weeks


it’s no question that I like stripes.  navy and white stripes in particular.  I just got this dress {on sale!} from Asos – who has a great maternity section I might add.  I really like it but I’m not sure what constitutes it as “maternity”.  it’s a bit snug but at least it’ll fit me after I’ve had the little man!  and my oh my… I love this wee striped shirt too.  it’s definitely one of my favorite things we’ve gotten for our little man.  in fact, I have the matching shirt in my “pre-pregnancy size” but sadly it doesn’t fit over my belly anymore.  {and yes before you ask, I do plan to be one of “those moms” who takes a mandatory photo of us in our matching shirts.}

depending on what site or book I’m looking at, I’m either in the last week of my second trimester or the first of my third.  I’m counting week 28 as officially in the third but regardless, I feel like I’m definitely in the final stretch and my body feels it too.  but I’ve been walking almost every day and practicing yoga as often as possible.  middle back aches – be gone!

three more months, little man!!