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40 weeks

me 40w1d

hiya little man.

today is your due date.  hopefully this will be my last weekly photo but I guess we won’t know until you’re here.  no matter how much I’ve tried to ignore it, we both know there’s no question what was on my mind when I woke up this morning.  will you be the 5% of babies born on their due date?  when will you arrive?

I’m totally over being pregnant.  I’m so anxious to meet you that every single thought I have revolves about you.  however, today I can’t help but reflect on what I will miss once I’m not pregnant anymore.  {you can read my list over on Babble}

I hope you decide to come soon.  we are ready when you are!

xo mom



39 weeks

39 weeks

hiya little man.

so today I’m 39 weeks pregnant.  your due date is only a week away.  I think you’re getting ready.  at least you’ve been mighty busy in my belly these past few days.  it’s funny being this close to your due date.  I keep getting little twinges and blips of sharp pain and wonder, is this it?  but nothing so far.  your dad noticed yesterday that you definitely look like you’ve dropped even further.  he thinks a whole inch or two since last week!  I don’t go to the doctor until Wednesday, so we’ll wait to see what she says.

today was my first official day of maternity leave, even though I’m still doing some work from home until you arrive.  I spent most of the day in yoga pants and felt like I was playing hooky.  it’s weird to think that I won’t go back to work full time until September.  but I’m excited to spend the summer getting to know you.  you’ll love Portland summers.

we’re so ready to meet you.

xo mom



38 weeks

me 38 weeks

hiya little man.

sun!  we had glorious, glorious sun this weekend!!  it was so nice to be out in it and to soak up all it’s warmth, even though we’re back to rain today.  Portland has schizophrenic weather patterns, you’ll see.  one day it’ll be gorgeous and warm, the next day it’ll be cold and wet.  one minute we’ll have sunshine, the next minute we’ll have hail followed by a true downpour.  I suppose all this rain we get makes me truly appreciate sunny days.

our camera picked a terrible time to stop working.  you have no idea how sad that makes me.  your Dad said at least we have iPhones with decent cameras, but it’s nothing like our SLR.  your Dad is taking it to the camera store today to see what, if anything, they can tell us.  if only it’d held out a few more weeks for your arrival…

speaking of… we’re so ready to meet you!  every time I feel you wiggle in there I ask you when you’re going to be ready to come out.  I actually thought I was having contractions on Friday night.  I felt a lot of pressure in my lower abdomen, but it only lasted for 10 seconds, came back once and then went away.  perhaps it was wishful thinking.  or perhaps you were moving your head further down.  I suppose I’ll find out today at my doctors appointment if all that walking I’ve been doing has helped make any progress.  last week I was 1cm dilated.

just two weeks from your due date, little man.  we’re ready when you are.

xo mom




37 weeks – FULL TERM!


our little man is officially full term today.  hooray!!!  it absolutely blows my mind to think that most likely, he’ll be here within a month.  our lives are about to change forever and I’m so so filled with emotion.

that also means there are things to be done!!  this weekend we hung pictures on the wall in the baby room, washed swaddling blankets, cloth wipes and diapers, hung a little bookshelf and tried to get things a little more organized.  we also finalized our birth plan.  to me, I thought creating a birth plan was very important.  even if it’s just something for us or something to give to our doula.  I’ve learned in life to never become completely married to one idea because things can change so quickly.  however we just hope that this plan will help explain the kind of natural birth we are hoping to have.

next on the list – the hospital bag.  when you live 3 blocks from the hospital and your husband or visiting family member could run home and grab something and be back in fifteen minutes I suppose you learn that it’s really not a huge deal that everything be in there.  however, being the list maker I am, I starting compiling a list last night.

3 weeks little man… when will you decide it’s time?




36 weeks


hiya little man

this is what happens when your Dad takes pictures of me.  I was being lazy and didn’t want to set up the tripod, so I decided to ask for his help taking my belly photo this week.  he laughs at me every time I pose for the camera, tells me I’ve got cheese-smile and pretty much pokes major fun at me the entire time he’s taking photos.  I usually throw a little hissy fit and beg him to just be serious but mostly, I laugh.  so hard.  sometimes so hard it makes my belly ache.  sometimes so hard I have to fight peeing my pants.

that’s why I love your Dad though.  he makes me laugh.  even when I’m the maddest I could be at him, or he’s doing something that drives me insane.  he grins at me and I crack.  I start giggling and next thing you know I’ve forgotten what I was upset about.

I’m officially 9 months pregnant which means, you’ll be here soon.  we’ve got things ready for you.  your moses basket rocker arrived today {thanks Roberta & Afton!}, I ordered you some diaper covers and we’ve got swaddling blankets galore.   the cats have been sleeping on your changing pad but don’t worry, we’ve got it covered with a blanket so their hair doesn’t get all over it.  I’m sure they’ll be sad when it’s no longer a bed for them.  all your little clothes have been washed and put away neatly in the drawer.  I picked out something for one of your first outfits.  I think you’ll like it.

we get to meet you so soon little man.  the emotion that swells up inside me each time I think of how close we are to actually meeting you makes my heart burst with joy.

xo mom




35 weeks


I decided it was time I show you that belly that’s been hiding underneath my clothes.  it’s quite round, quite large and it’s getting in the way.  for example… the other day Levi and I were at Ace Hardware picking up some hardware thing we needed for the baby room.  the aisles are quite small.  there were a few younger guys walking down the aisle we were on and they wanted to pass by us.  I realized that I wouldn’t be able to let them squeeze by my unless I turned myself sideways but it wasn’t soon enough.  it ended up being one of those “hello, yes I’ve got a giant belly and oh, sorry I didn’t realize it was so huge that you couldn’t squeeze past me in the aisle” kind of moments.  oops!

we had our baby party this weekend.  it was a lot of fun!  there were virgin bloody marys {and real ones for the non-pregnant people}, chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry cake, baked feta amazingness, homemade onion dip, fruit salad {with more strawberries!}, radish sandwiches and lots of other goodies to go around.  I hardly got any photos but we did manage to get one good photo of Levi and I.

me and levi

I can’t believe how close we are to meeting our little man.  just about a month to go.



34 weeks


it’s hard for me to believe that time is going along so quickly.  I was just telling Levi this morning how I felt like I blinked my eyes and March was gone.  at 34 weeks pregnant, I’ve got 3 weeks until our little man is considered full term and just 6 weeks until my guess date.  it’s creepin up quick!

which leaves me a little anxious to get everything in order.  I know we’d be ok if he were born tomorrow, but I still feel like there is still an awful lot left that we need.  one thing that’s been hard for me to accept is that his nursery probably won’t be absolutely finished until after he’s born.  I had all these visions of “the perfect nursery” but when it comes down to it, simple is better anyway, right?  besides, I need to concentrate more on the important stuff like the hospital bag or finishing that mountain of books on my bedside.

42 more days.