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what’s in a name?

what's in a name

picking out a name for our little man has been quite across the board from exciting and fun to down right frustrating*.  people tell me that I’ll just have to wait until he’s born to decide whether or not he “fits his name” then others say it’s nice to have something picked out so when referring him, it’s not just “the baby” or “little man”.  he needs a strong name and a unique one too, especially since our last name is so common.

we’ve been pretty set on what we thought might be his middle name for months now – even before we knew it was a boy – and we’ve been affectionately calling him by that lately.  in fact, we’ve been doing it so much that it’s beginning to feel like it should be his first name more and more every day.  we love it dearly but of course part of me worries because it IS such a unique, defining name, that what if he gets made fun of… or what if like people have said, it just doesn’t suit him once he’s born.

however, I’m pretty sure I have a good idea about this little man growing inside me.  I’m beginning to know his movements like when he’s most active or what position I can lay in to feel him best.  I know what songs to play that really make him move.  I know he likes to hear his dad’s voice.  and I know it’s early but I even feel like I can distinguish little feet from little hands or elbows.  he’s quite an active little guy.  so active, just shy of 26 weeks, that I can’t even imagine how he’ll be once he’s bigger and closer to his due date.

if we absolutely had to pick a name tomorrow, we’d know what his name would be.  I feel like it suits him.  and it suits us too.  of course we’ve still got time but I’m a planner.  I guess I just need to get over my anxiety of naming him something so different** and completely go with our gut.

*ok, it’s been mostly fun to giggle with Levi over the names that we could most definitely not name him… like Charlie or Leroy for instance.  most often when we go out to dinner, the subject of conversation quickly reaches our growing little man and we smile and laugh as we think of great wise names or funny combinations for his initials.

**on a scale of 1-10 of weirdness when it comes to unique names, this name, to me, is not weird at all.  I’d give it a 5 and that’s just because it’s rare.



mama mocktails

mama mocktails

if you know me, you know prior to baby life, I was big into beer.  rich stouts, sour ales, black ipas… you get the point.  Levi and I have probably tasted close to 750 different beers and it was a big part of our life.  that being said… I don’t miss it.

really!  granted, I haven’t been dragged to my favorite brewery or had yummy beer festivals to make me wish I could taste the newest beers, but in all honesty, I don’t miss it at all.  at least not right now.  I know there’s a lot of studies that say having a light beer or a glass of wine occasionally during pregnancy really won’t hurt, but I’m not one to chance things.  besides, I’ve been busy concocting mocktails!  tell me: what’s your favorite mocktail? here’s what I’ve been enjoying lately:

mama mocktails

{photo and illustration by me}



the baby registry


hi friends!  since you were so unbelievably supportive in my two previous questions, I figured I’d bring up the subject of the baby registry and see what your thoughts are.

I hadn’t thought too much about the baby registry but since family have started asking where I’m registered and what they can buy us, I thought I’d get started.  I’m pretty picky when it comes to what we want for our little man.  I know we want to avoid plastic and unnecessarily large toys as much as possible and I’ve got pretty strong feelings about what he will be wearing, so I figured it’s a good time as any to start working on one.  and let me tell you… if you don’t already know, registering for a baby is hard!  unlike registering for wedding presents where we browsed sites with googly eyes and drooled over all the wonderful things we’d love to have in our kitchen or bedroom, I haven’t the first clue on what I really need for our little man.  naturally my registry quickly filled up with all sorts of cute things but aside from a few necessities I know we’ll need I’m stuck as to what else to register for.  we’ve already bought our crib, changing table / dresser, stroller and car seat so we’re pretty much set on most of the large things, but what else does that leave?  I can’t imagine putting breast pads or nipple cream on a registry so I think I know the basics on where to draw the “we buy vs. family buys” line, but tell me…  what are the absolute necessities that you’re registering for?  what can I live without? I’d love to hear your thoughts.



childbirth preparation classes

as I’m entering my final four months of pregnancy, I’ve been advised by books, doctors, etc that this is the time to sign up for childbirth preparation classes.  I’ve briefly looked into the options at the hospital I’m planning on delivering the baby at, and not only are the courses pretty expensive but they also span 4 to 6 weeks!  {not sure if that’s normal, but it seems like one class would be enough.}

so, this might be a silly question, but are childbirth prep classes really necessary?  I can understand them being extremely helpful especially since I really don’t know what to expect from childbirth, but I have a feeling that when it comes right down to it, and I’m in labor and focusing on trying to get through each contraction, that all I’ve learned and focused on might just end up going out the window.  I’m planning on a natural vaginal birth with no pain medication or unnecessary interventions and Levi and I have discussed hiring a doula.  seems like with the {significantly hirer} amount of money that I’m paying for a doula that I don’t really need the 4 week prep class.  plus, I’ve been reading through my stack of pregnancy books and feel like I’m as prepared as I’m going to be, at least at this point.  part of me thinks any additional preparation will be helpful, but the other part of me thinks spending that money on one of the other thousand things I still need to purchase for this baby might be the wiser choice, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.




let me start off by saying that this long post will be 2 parts complaining and 1 part searching for advice.

so, from about 12 weeks or so into my pregnancy, I’ve been experiencing what I’ve determined to be sciatica – an annoying pins and needles sensation that varies anywhere from minor to sharp pain around my hip and upper buttocks.  in the beginning, my doctor simply left it that she thought it was too early for me to be feeling sciatic pain which left me to google for relief and deal with it on my own.  fast forward 10 weeks, it’s brutal and she’s finally decided it’s sciatica.  there are times when my butt hurts so badly that I have a hard time walking.  and not to mention, the sharp pains / pins and needles are twice as bad in my left hip than in my right.  meaning, when I lay on my left side, the preferred pregnant mama sleeping position, it hurts and bothers me ALL NIGHT LONG.

in my prenatal yoga class last weekend, I asked my instructor for some advice.  she said don’t sit in the same position for more than 30 mins {hello, I’m a graphic designer and work at a computer 8 hours a day} and she said don’t bend over forward to relieve the pain {um… my lower back is now starting to hurt too and that feels SO good on it!}.  I’ve been trying to sit cross legged at my desk, tried many yoga poses to contradict the all day sitting, and have ultimately felt no relief.

if you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading!!!  has anyone experienced this during pregnancy or have any wonderful advice?  it’d be much appreciated.



it’s a…


yep, that’s right!!  there is a little boy in that belly!  we are so excited, especially Levi.  even though he’d have been just as happy if it was a little girl, he was down right ecstatic to hear that it is a boy.  I always pictured myself with two kids – a boy first.  so when the tech confirmed there were definitely boy parts, we high-fived each other again – we’re big on high-fives.


during the ultrasound our little man was wiggling and stretching and being uber cute.  the ultrasound technician went over every part of his anatomy, from his tiny heart to the little toes on his feet.  she told us he had long skinny feet and long legs.  I’m hoping that means he’ll be tall and slender, like his dad.  look at that leg shot!


now we need to come up with names!!  boy names have been so difficult for us from the start.  we’ve got a few on our list including a middle name we want for sure.  most of all, we were so happy to see our little man.  he’s precious and perfect in every way and we can not wait to meet him.  21 more weeks!



18 weeks, 7 days


it’s amazing how quickly time flies.  I can’t believe that in just one week and one day I’ll be halfway through my pregnancy.  and I’m just starting to have a little bump!  I love that I’m finally showing but I think it’s still small and kind hovers around that point where it could be mistaken for a big beer gut or being really full from dinner.

I bought a Bella Band last weekend and man… it’s a lifesaver!!  I don’t quite need it for this pair of jeans because they ride so low but I’ve definitely put it to good use with other jeans and cords.  I’m really hoping that I won’t have to purchase too many maternity clothes, however some of my dresses with defined waistlines have already been folded and put to the back of my closet.

tomorrow morning we go to my mid-pregnancy anatomy ultrasound and there we’ll get to see if we’re having a boy or a girl!!  we’re so excited to find out but honestly I’m most excited to see our baby again. he/she has been kicking so much, it’ll be fun to watch as he/she wriggles around on the screen while I’m feeling those little taps.  this will be my third and I’m guessing my last ultrasound until he or she is born!