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my belly 37 weeks

I posted on Babble earlier today how I’m a bit anxious about becoming a parent.

and yea, I’m anxious.  I’m also scared, excited, nervous, overjoyed and completely filled with all the other emotions that could fit into this category.  but I don’t think it was until I actually saw my thoughts in writing that I realized no matter what kind of emotions I’ve got going through my mind, I am ready to meet this little boy and I am ready be his mother.

as my Dad told me recently, “there are plenty of different kinds of love.  but you have never thought about, let alone felt, the level of love you are about to experience…”

I think I’m getting pretty close.



5 things I never knew…

pregnancy test

if you missed my little announcement on Friday, I’m excited to join the crew of bloggers at great bloggers at Babble’s Being Pregnant blog.  I’ll be blogging for the blog every day in addition to posting here on Unruly Little Things, so be sure to stop by!

I admit.  before I got pregnant, I had no idea what to expect.  I was seriously naive about pregnancy and how my body and emotions would change.  I don’t know what I expected, but I sure wasn’t prepared for my dresses becoming dangerously short and a snotty nose.  hop over to Babble to see 5 things I never knew before becoming pregnant.



fetal presentation

at my very first prenatal yoga class, a soon-to-be mom was concerned about her baby being breech.  she wanted to try different positions to turn the baby and was looking for advice.  while our instructor suggested a few things she also brought up a good point.  babies don’t just go into an un-preferred position for labor for the heck of it.  they might be there because it feels safe and to always remember that regardless what kind of delivery you have, you’ll be happiest with a healthy baby in the end.

for the past week I’ve been trying to determine how our little man is laying inside my belly.  last night it finally occurred to me that he is most likely laying in a posterior position, or “sunny side up”.  it makes sense to why I see so much movement at the front of my belly and why I can’t ever seem to find his back.  it’s why I feel little feet under my right rib cage and little shoulders and hands to the left of my belly button.  and it makes sense why my back has been so sore and I’ve felt slightly out of breath while reclining.  {side note: I think he’s been posterior for at least 3 weeks now}

a face down baby or anterior position, with his back facing my front, is the preferred presentation for labor and the posterior position, while still possible for a vaginal delivery, is not the best.  “mothers whose babies are face-up at birth tend to push longer, more commonly need Pitocin to stimulate contractions, and have a significantly higher risk of having an assisted vaginal delivery or a c-section… and those who do deliver vaginally are are more likely to have an episiotomy and severe perineal tears.”  aye yai eye!

what have you heard about the posterior position in labor?  anyone have experience?  I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the subject and found some great info at Spinning Babies but I’m waiting to see what my doula or doctor could confirm details about when the babies settle into their final position.  I know I’m still 7 weeks from my guess date and the little man can still turn, but I’m also a little concerned.  plus I figure if there is something I can do now, why not try it?



I will go to sleep

i will go to sleep

last night Levi and I watched The Happiest Baby on the Block.  it’s been in my queue of videos to watch for awhile now but we’d want to wait until I was a little closer to my guess date to watch it.  in short – it was incredible.  at times we found ourselves both staring a the screen, mouths open wide, in awe that calming a fussy baby seems SO easy if you know the right steps.  this morning we quizzed each other on the 5 S’s while enjoying our peaceful morning* in bed.  I highly recommend watching it if you haven’t already.  the tips really seem like no brainers once you see them, but with everything else about a newborn, it’s all so new.

{*every morning during the week I set my alarm to 6:15.  I immediatly turn it off without snoozing and continue to lay in bed until 7 while thinking about my day ahead but mostly I enjoy feeling the little man stretching and waking up too.  I enjoy every second of that time of peace because I know I won’t have again for a very long time.}

{onesie from imps & elves available at finns finds}



pregnancy cravings


one of the funniest things I always enjoy chatting about with other pregnant ladies or those who have already had kids is pregnancy cravings.  I can’t say that I’ve gotten one particular thing in my head and just madly craved it, but there have been times when I’ve thought of something or been having one of these particular conversations where I’ve thought to myself “well, shoot!  now I want that too!”  most often than not, it’s been something sweet.  and boy do I ever have a sweet tooth.

in attempts to curb my sweet cravings, I’ve been munching on various trail mixes and small amounts of dried fruits, in particular hazelnuts and freeze dried strawberries.  omg the strawberries!!  they are sort of like strawberry chips.

if you’ve got them, what are your cravings?  it’d be fun to hear!

{fruit from nuts online}



taking a dip

rummey bears bump

Levi and I have been holding on to our gym membership for ages, even though we rarely go*, because I knew I’d want to swim while pregnant.  my pre-pregnancy one-piece has fit me for awhile, but the size of my belly has been slowly pulling the straps lower and lower, which is a bit risque for the gym.  I broke down and bought a maternity bathing suit last week and it showed up at my door last night.  for the price, it’s pretty amazing.  I’m off to test it out in the pool this evening.

the search for a bathing suit really got me thinking about warmer weather and taking a “babymoon”.  unfortunatly, due to our schedules and shortage of funds, a babymoon just won’t be possible.  however, a girl can dream, right?  here’s an outfit I put together of what I might wear on a little beach vacation.

baby moon outfit

t by alexander wang dress // old navy maternity bathing suit // j. crew straw hat // butter london jaffa polish // hazel cox earrings // bag’n’noun rucksack // virginia johnson shawl // yohji yamamoto x linda farrow sunglasses // no. 6 t-strap clogs

{photo from rummey bears}

*I decided that walking around our neighborhood is much more satisfying for me than trotting along on a treadmill in a gym packed with sweaty meat heads while every single channel seems to be tuned to the news, espn or the food network.  plus Levi walks with me and I can actually hear him talking rather than pounding feet or pumping techno music.