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the progression of things

baby blanket

I’ve been hard at work on the blanket for our little man.  I finally got through all four colors!  I’m planning to make the next 7 rows of white, then go back to yellow, dark blue, etc., so it kind of makes a rippling effect.  lots more to go, but it’s really starting to look like a blanket!


today I’m 22 weeks, 7 days.  sorry for the grainy photo.  it was so dark in our apartment when Levi took this for me, I almost didn’t post it.  we’ve had rain, rain and more rain this weekend which on the good side, makes for a pretty relaxing weekend at home.  at least I’m sort of used to the rain now.  I’ve learned that coats with hoods are a necessity.  {so are strollers with rain covers!}

I’m off to cook garbanzo bean burgers for dinner – one of our favorites.  I loosely use the recipe from Super Natural Cooking and they turn out great every time.  after dinner Levi and I are indulging a little with a special dessert I’ve been craving:  frozen yogurt with hot baked apples on top!  best way to end a cool, rainy weekend.



baby shower outfits

while I haven’t thought too much about it yet, Levi and I briefly discussed the topic of “the baby shower”.  since none of our family is in Oregon, we decided that either A: I won’t have one or B: we’ll throw our own party mid-spring and just invite some of our closest friends over for dinner at our place.  I’m hoping for option B but we’ll see how things pan out.

a lovely reader named Andrea emailed me a few days ago asking for inspiration for her own baby shower outfit.  I was excited to put together some outfits for her but honestly, I’ve felt a little blah about maternity clothes so far.  they all feel so frumpy and just totally not my style.  I mean, if I see one more faux wrap dress in black, I might just scream.  however, I was able to put together two totally wearable outfits, one for the typical girly shower and one for the laid back co-ed party.  I hope you have fun at your baby shower, Andrea!  enjoy!

shower1{a.p.c. dress, rachel comey sweater, red bauble necklace, j. crew strappy flats, butter london polish, floral purse}

shower2{stripe tunic dress, black leggings, j. crew cashmere scarf, moon stud earrings, bronze cuff, hobes shoes}



adventures in crochet


Levi’s mom gave me a set of crochet needles for Christmas.  I’ve been wanting to learn how to crochet and with a baby on the way, what better time to learn!  I got some practice yarn and caught on really quick so I headed up to the store again yesterday and we picked out some colors to make a chevron afghan for Baby Brown.  it’s so soft – we think he’ll really dig it.




20 weeks, 4 days


half. way. through.  and… my pants are finally starting to feel a little snug.  I’ve been living in dresses during the week but I’m such a jeans & t-shirt gal on the weekends that I think I’ll treat myself to a pair of maternity jeans next week.  my Bella Band is great but it has it’s limitations.  like, having to adjust the thing all the time or when it gives a weird ripple over the buttons.  has anyone had experience with the always skinny maternity jeans from the Gap?  they look the most fashionable for the price but still, $80 on maternity jeans?  yikes…  they better be way good.

on a side note, all this week I’ve been waiting for a text or phone call from one of my best friends who’s in labor as I type!  she was due on Christmas day and I finally got a text from her at 5am this morning that she hopes to meet baby C tonight.  good luck Lauren!!



snowshoes & halfway marks

me snowshoeing
levi snowshoeing
me & levi

Levi and I spent the evening winding down from the holidays with a little relaxing and a comforting dinner.  we had so much fun in snowy Idaho.  I tested my legs in snowshoes and ate my weight in delicious holiday fare.  we weren’t quite ready to come back to rainy Portland and leave family behind.  I was ready to sleep in my own bed however!  sleeping has become increasingly difficult as my belly has been expanding.  I’ve decided a body pillow is a must.

today I am 20 weeks.  that means I’m officially halfway through my pregnancy.  {yippee!!!}  only 20 or so more weeks until we get to meet our little man!  it seems so far away, but time will fly I’m sure.  I think I’ve been super lucky to have had an easy pregnancy so far.  I’m hoping the remaining 20 weeks will go as smooth!



it’s a…


yep, that’s right!!  there is a little boy in that belly!  we are so excited, especially Levi.  even though he’d have been just as happy if it was a little girl, he was down right ecstatic to hear that it is a boy.  I always pictured myself with two kids – a boy first.  so when the tech confirmed there were definitely boy parts, we high-fived each other again – we’re big on high-fives.


during the ultrasound our little man was wiggling and stretching and being uber cute.  the ultrasound technician went over every part of his anatomy, from his tiny heart to the little toes on his feet.  she told us he had long skinny feet and long legs.  I’m hoping that means he’ll be tall and slender, like his dad.  look at that leg shot!


now we need to come up with names!!  boy names have been so difficult for us from the start.  we’ve got a few on our list including a middle name we want for sure.  most of all, we were so happy to see our little man.  he’s precious and perfect in every way and we can not wait to meet him.  21 more weeks!



18 weeks, 7 days


it’s amazing how quickly time flies.  I can’t believe that in just one week and one day I’ll be halfway through my pregnancy.  and I’m just starting to have a little bump!  I love that I’m finally showing but I think it’s still small and kind hovers around that point where it could be mistaken for a big beer gut or being really full from dinner.

I bought a Bella Band last weekend and man… it’s a lifesaver!!  I don’t quite need it for this pair of jeans because they ride so low but I’ve definitely put it to good use with other jeans and cords.  I’m really hoping that I won’t have to purchase too many maternity clothes, however some of my dresses with defined waistlines have already been folded and put to the back of my closet.

tomorrow morning we go to my mid-pregnancy anatomy ultrasound and there we’ll get to see if we’re having a boy or a girl!!  we’re so excited to find out but honestly I’m most excited to see our baby again. he/she has been kicking so much, it’ll be fun to watch as he/she wriggles around on the screen while I’m feeling those little taps.  this will be my third and I’m guessing my last ultrasound until he or she is born!