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I can’t see my toes

I don’t remember when it happened, but suddenly, I have to lean over to see my toes.  I didn’t even realize it until Levi asked me if I could and I looked down to discover, I couldn’t!  I’m guessing it happened right about the same time that I had to put three more dresses on the shelf to be worn post-pregnancy.

lately I’ve been getting a fair amount of swimming in at our gym.  we’ve been swimming for 30 minutes and I do a combo of freestyle, breast stroke and backstroke, depending on my mood.  I always feel so beat on nights when I’ve swam and this morning I noticed something:  I’m actually able to sleep through the night {mostly} when I’ve swam that day. no restless legs {hoorah!}, no uncomfortable sleep positions and no waking up every hour through the night.  looks like I’ll be swimming more often if it means I can sleep!

speaking of sleep…  it’s becoming harder and harder these days.  most of my evenings consist of yoga and stretching then massaging my legs before bed in hopes to curb that awful restless feeling.  plus, the little man has been camped out on my right side for a few weeks now, and sends me uncomfortable jabs and kicks when I’m laying on that side.  the other night, he was pushed up so close to the outside of my belly that we could actually see the shape of his little body.  needless to say, it was quite alien-like!  luckily, I’m quite comfortable sleeping on my left side.  and I’ve even managed to convince Levi to sort of be my body pillow and let me smash up against him with my back so I can kind of sleep halfway on my back and halfway on my left side.  I know back sleeping is kind of forbidden, but after a chat with my doula, she assured me that I’d wake myself up from lack of oxygen before I ever did any harm to the baby.  so as long as I’m comfortable in my half side half back position, I’m sleeping that way.  especially if it means I’ll get more sleep!



taking a dip

rummey bears bump

Levi and I have been holding on to our gym membership for ages, even though we rarely go*, because I knew I’d want to swim while pregnant.  my pre-pregnancy one-piece has fit me for awhile, but the size of my belly has been slowly pulling the straps lower and lower, which is a bit risque for the gym.  I broke down and bought a maternity bathing suit last week and it showed up at my door last night.  for the price, it’s pretty amazing.  I’m off to test it out in the pool this evening.

the search for a bathing suit really got me thinking about warmer weather and taking a “babymoon”.  unfortunatly, due to our schedules and shortage of funds, a babymoon just won’t be possible.  however, a girl can dream, right?  here’s an outfit I put together of what I might wear on a little beach vacation.

baby moon outfit

t by alexander wang dress // old navy maternity bathing suit // j. crew straw hat // butter london jaffa polish // hazel cox earrings // bag’n’noun rucksack // virginia johnson shawl // yohji yamamoto x linda farrow sunglasses // no. 6 t-strap clogs

{photo from rummey bears}

*I decided that walking around our neighborhood is much more satisfying for me than trotting along on a treadmill in a gym packed with sweaty meat heads while every single channel seems to be tuned to the news, espn or the food network.  plus Levi walks with me and I can actually hear him talking rather than pounding feet or pumping techno music.



what’s in a name?

what's in a name

picking out a name for our little man has been quite across the board from exciting and fun to down right frustrating*.  people tell me that I’ll just have to wait until he’s born to decide whether or not he “fits his name” then others say it’s nice to have something picked out so when referring him, it’s not just “the baby” or “little man”.  he needs a strong name and a unique one too, especially since our last name is so common.

we’ve been pretty set on what we thought might be his middle name for months now – even before we knew it was a boy – and we’ve been affectionately calling him by that lately.  in fact, we’ve been doing it so much that it’s beginning to feel like it should be his first name more and more every day.  we love it dearly but of course part of me worries because it IS such a unique, defining name, that what if he gets made fun of… or what if like people have said, it just doesn’t suit him once he’s born.

however, I’m pretty sure I have a good idea about this little man growing inside me.  I’m beginning to know his movements like when he’s most active or what position I can lay in to feel him best.  I know what songs to play that really make him move.  I know he likes to hear his dad’s voice.  and I know it’s early but I even feel like I can distinguish little feet from little hands or elbows.  he’s quite an active little guy.  so active, just shy of 26 weeks, that I can’t even imagine how he’ll be once he’s bigger and closer to his due date.

if we absolutely had to pick a name tomorrow, we’d know what his name would be.  I feel like it suits him.  and it suits us too.  of course we’ve still got time but I’m a planner.  I guess I just need to get over my anxiety of naming him something so different** and completely go with our gut.

*ok, it’s been mostly fun to giggle with Levi over the names that we could most definitely not name him… like Charlie or Leroy for instance.  most often when we go out to dinner, the subject of conversation quickly reaches our growing little man and we smile and laugh as we think of great wise names or funny combinations for his initials.

**on a scale of 1-10 of weirdness when it comes to unique names, this name, to me, is not weird at all.  I’d give it a 5 and that’s just because it’s rare.



who will the baby look like?

baby alyson

Levi and I have been chatting lately about who the baby will look like.  we giggle over who’s features he’ll get, such as who’s nose he’ll have, will his second toe be longer than his first like mine or will he have big blue eyes like Levi.  will he have a cleft chin and a high forehead?  we’re fairly certain he’ll have brown hair but Levi’s hair is slightly wavy and mine is stick straight.

I looked a lot like my dad when I was growing up and I think Levi looked more like his mom.  so maybe our boy will resemble me more if we go by that theory?  it’s been really fun to think about and pretty amazing if you ask me.  now we’ll just have to wait and see!

baby levi



silver skulls & pirate ships

silver skull

many of you might not know this, but my daddy was a pirate.  that’s right.  a swashbuckling, gun-shooting, treasure stealing pirate in the Gasparilla parade in Tampa, Florida. every year in late January, the pirates invade the city on a full sized pirate ship and proceed to parade through the street throwing beads and other goodies to the parade watchers.  my dad would wear a big, scary black wig, aviator sunglasses, and get nasty scars and bullet wounds painted on his face.  at 6’6″ all decked out in his pirate gear, he was kind of scary!

even though I don’t live in Tampa anymore, a little piece of my heart will always remain there.  I get especially nostalgic this time of year when everyone is preparing for the pirates to invade the city.  needless to say, I think I’d buy this tee for our little man, even if we weren’t there.  I’m sure he’d be the cutest pirate on the block.



bumps and paws

24 weeks24 weeks

I can’t help but wonder how our cats will react to the introduction of our little man.  Chuck {the tabby, not pictured} is a lover.  he loves laying on his back while being scratched on his belly, snuggling in our big warm bed and purrs constantly.  loud noises and new things tend to frighten him a little but I’m not so concerned about Chuck because I know he’ll quickly warm up.  it’s the naughty black one named Moose {pictured above} that I’m a little worried about.

even though he’s my favorite evening lap cat and unbelievably loving, sweet and good most of the time, he’s especially moody and all kinds of bad.  he bangs and meows at our bedroom door at 3am, he nibbles on your leg if you don’t feed him quick enough and he’s ridiculously nosy and gets into just about everything.  he likes routine as odd as that sounds for a cat and he gets uncomfortable when things are different.  I have no doubt that Moose will eventually be a baby lover just like Chuck, but I wonder about those first meetings.  we’ll be watching his moves for the first few months, just to make sure he doesn’t hiss or swipe his little black paws across our new bundle’s face.

24 weeks down, 16 to go.

{update:  just to show you Moose isn’t all that bad, here’s a photo Levi just snapped of him doing what he does best – being a lap cat.  this is part of his regular routine, snuggling with me while I’m trying to work.  pretty soon lap cat & laptop won’t work with a big belly.}



the baby registry


hi friends!  since you were so unbelievably supportive in my two previous questions, I figured I’d bring up the subject of the baby registry and see what your thoughts are.

I hadn’t thought too much about the baby registry but since family have started asking where I’m registered and what they can buy us, I thought I’d get started.  I’m pretty picky when it comes to what we want for our little man.  I know we want to avoid plastic and unnecessarily large toys as much as possible and I’ve got pretty strong feelings about what he will be wearing, so I figured it’s a good time as any to start working on one.  and let me tell you… if you don’t already know, registering for a baby is hard!  unlike registering for wedding presents where we browsed sites with googly eyes and drooled over all the wonderful things we’d love to have in our kitchen or bedroom, I haven’t the first clue on what I really need for our little man.  naturally my registry quickly filled up with all sorts of cute things but aside from a few necessities I know we’ll need I’m stuck as to what else to register for.  we’ve already bought our crib, changing table / dresser, stroller and car seat so we’re pretty much set on most of the large things, but what else does that leave?  I can’t imagine putting breast pads or nipple cream on a registry so I think I know the basics on where to draw the “we buy vs. family buys” line, but tell me…  what are the absolute necessities that you’re registering for?  what can I live without? I’d love to hear your thoughts.