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we’re your parents


hiya little man.  here’s a few things I thought you’d like to know about us.

your mom
cooks dinner 99% of the time.
loves making breakfast on the weekends.
tends to be a pessimist.
gets really excited about puppies, snowflakes and chocolate.
could spend hours window shopping online.

your dad
makes the best crepes and breakfast smoothies ever.
tends to be an optimist.
loves learning new things.
can solve a rubix cube in under 2 minutes.
has a huge heart.

we’d be lost without each other.  your dad is my best friend and favorite person in the entire world.  you’re coming up quick into second place.  even when your little feet are jabbing me in the sides.  we love you to the stars already.

xo, mom

{thanks for the inspiration for this post, Angela}



on routine

hi little man.

it’s been raining cats and dogs these past few days in Portland.  I woke up this morning to the sound of rain pouring down outside my window and all I could think of was how much I dreaded having to go out in it.  right around the middle of February every year, I just get to the point where I’m sick of the cold rain.  especially since there’s no avoiding it – we simply have to keep going on with our usual routine.  your dad has been real nice and has driven me to work lately since I hate waiting for the street car in the cold and in the rain but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t wear on me.

the thought of routine has been on my mind a lot lately.  things I do as normal everyday things.  wake up to an alarm, hit snooze, let the cats in to snuggle, brush teeth, shower, eat breakfast, get dressed, head out the door, work all day, come home, cook dinner, watch jeopardy, blog, crochet or read till bed time.  and it’s all about to change completely.  everything I once thought of as being my typical routine is going to change, and I know it.  but you know what?  I’m so unbelievably excited for your arrival that none of this bothers me.  quite honestly, I’m ready to start a new routine.  even if it’s half-hazard for a few months/years, I’m pretty sure I’m ready for it.

the funny thing about being pregnant is the emotional roller coaster it puts you on.  I admit – when I first started thinking about how different our lives would be and if we were really ready for all of this, it really made my head spin.  I’d stop and think, holy cow… this is really happening.  but now I feel like the roller coaster is coming to an end.  it’s flattening out and I’m accepting the start of my new life.  routine or no routine, my heart simply swells when I think of you joining our lives in three short months and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

xo mom




hiya little man.

yesterday was my birthday.  it was a big one for me.  I turned 29 – the last year I’ll be a twenty-something.  next year marks a new decade but this year marks a new life.  you’ll be entering our worlds in just over three and a half short months.

it’s fun for me to imagine celebrating birthdays with you.  I imagine letting you pick out which flavor cupcakes you want at your party and letting you decide which dinosaur you want on your party invitations.  I imagine you and your dad in cahoots to “surprise me” on my birthday and I imagine me and you in the kitchen whipping up his favorite carrot cake.  it all makes me smile.

so in honor of my birthday and big year, I treated myself to a massage tonight.  I got to lay face down because the nice masseuse had a big hole cut out of her table – just for us pregnant mamas!  I think it confused you to be in that position though because you kicked the entire sixty minutes.  and these were big kicks!

109 days little man… 109 days.

xo mom



me oh my!

hi baby.

I think you have a case of the hiccups right now.  either that or your beating to your own tiny consistent drum in my belly.  you’ve been tapping the same spot on my belly for about 2 good minutes now.  I think it’s funny because if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably get them a lot.  I get hiccups all the time.  in fact, your dad always makes fun of me because I get them so often.  it’s the worst because the best way I know of to rid of them is to be totally serious and hold my breath.  not an easy task when someone is giggling at you!

17 more weeks, little man.

xo mom



kicks and cribs and more

watching your little kicks flutter across my belly has got to be one of the coolest things EVER.  you’re getting bigger, little man!!

last night I couldn’t sleep.  I woke up at 4 am with shortness of breath.  I guess you’re moving higher up in my abdomen and beginning to constrict my breathing.  between my constantly stuffy nose, growing belly and now shortness of breath, sleep is becoming more of a challenge.  that must be natures way of preparing me for lack of sleep when you’re born.

today we’re going to buy your crib.  naturally I fell in love with cribs way out of our price range but ultimately decided to go with one from Ikea.  it’s solid wood and a really great price.  I’m so excited to start decorating your nursery.  not that it doesn’t “feel real” every time I feel you move, but there’s something just even more exciting about seeing your little things coming together.  18 more weeks.

xo mom



he felt you!

feeling my baby move is like nothing I’ve ever experienced in life.  it’s such a unique feeling that it’s impossible for me to describe it.  it’s definitely one of the most amazing things I’ve ever felt.  I admit, it’s definitely a little bit alien.  but it makes my heart swell with love that I never thought possible.

last night while we were in bed reading, I felt you jabbing my tummy stronger than your usual little pokes. I placed my hand over the spot where I’d felt you and was so surprised that I felt you poke my hand back! I told your dad to put his hand right where mine was and he felt you kick too, a few times! it was so special for me because all this time I’ve been feeling your movements I haven’t been able to share them with your dad, and I know he’s been dying to feel you move. now we can both feel you and that makes me so excited.

we’ve been toying with a name for you too, little man. we think you like it.

xo mom



like tiny goldfish flips

it’s amazing how different it makes you feel about being pregnant when you first start feeling the baby kick.  it’s like, whoa… this is real.  this is really happening.  and all of a sudden you start loving this little person inside of you a thousand times more than you ever thought possible.

I’ve been feeling you kick like crazy.  you seem to love when I eat because after I’m done I usually feel you poking me.  last night I made salmon for dinner.  I baked it with charred pineapple chutney on top and served it with a side salad with pears, fennel and smoked gouda.  it was soo delicious, you’ll find out one day when you’re old enough.  I think our big dinner made you super active.  I’d never felt you kick so hard!  maybe you’re just getting bigger.  my app says your almost 6 inches long now and apparently that doesn’t include your legs and tiny feet!  you’re quite a busy body…

xo mom