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and we’re walking…

I thought I’d been as emotional wowed as I could possibly be through all of Wolf’s milestones but nothing hit me harder than watching my little boy taking his first steps.

we’d been trying to walk for what seems like a month now. he’d take our hand and walk around the living room. but the second we’d let go, he’d plop down or stare up at us as he stood in place for a few seconds before reaching back for our hand or tumbling to the ground. he walked on his tippy toes and we wondered if his little feet would ever flatten to the ground. so when Levi took him out into the backyard on Saturday morning to walk around and play in the grass, we noticed that he was walking with flat feet. he seemed so confident and hardly even held Levi’s hand. so we came inside and practiced. and then… teetering nervously in the middle of the kitchen, he took his first few steps into Levi’s arms. we cheered! he smiled and clapped! and he did it again. and again. and again!!!

rolling over was ok, sitting up unassisted was fun, crawling was way cool, but walking? I see it as kind of like the transition from baby to little kid. every time he walks, he’s walking faster and faster and as I know, pretty soon he’ll be running.  and now as we’re just a short month and a half until his first birthday I ask myself often, where did my tiny baby go?





this guy just cracks me up.  I love hearing little words start to develop in his babbling.  his first?  mama.  I actually think he may have said it TO me yesterday but it was probably just coincidence.  he was babbling while I was playing with him, then I got up to leave the room and he said it really loud, “MA MA!”, just like he was saying it to me so that I wouldn’t leave.  I turned back around and he happily smiled and resumed bouncing on his feet while standing in the crib.  {his favorite activity of late – even at 3am}



we’ve got a mover!

inch worm

just around the time that we left for our vacation, Wolf became mobile.  he’s a pro inch worm and scoots around on his belly and sometimes his butt.  things got easy and more difficult all at the same time.  he’s happy to scoot around and play with himself but that also meant we could no longer plop him down on the bed and expect that he’d stay there.  accident #1 occurred on our trip – Wolf scoots off the bed.  no serious injuries to the baby, but Mom felt pretty dang terrible.

and – bonus trick – Wolf pulled up to standing in the crib this morning… all by himself!  what a big kid we’ve got.  I suppose running is just around the corner.



the weekend of firsts pt. 1

wolf photobooth1

Wolf went to the photobooth for the first time this weekend.  obviously he was more interested than anything other than the lens: the blinking lights from the credit card machine, mom, the shiny stuff above the lens, mom’s credit card waiving above the lens, you get the idea.  none the less, here his is in all his 4 and half month photobooth glory.

photobooth wolf

sigh.  I love this boy.