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dressing the bump

baby shower outfit

Levi and I are having our baby celebration tomorrow!  since the bump will be the full attention of the party, naturally I wanted to get a new outfit for the occasion.  I needed some inspiration so I created three totally different baby shower outfits to get me motivated!  hop over to Babble to check them out!

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hope you have a nice weekend friends!  I’ll share highlights from the party next week.



taking a dip

rummey bears bump

Levi and I have been holding on to our gym membership for ages, even though we rarely go*, because I knew I’d want to swim while pregnant.  my pre-pregnancy one-piece has fit me for awhile, but the size of my belly has been slowly pulling the straps lower and lower, which is a bit risque for the gym.  I broke down and bought a maternity bathing suit last week and it showed up at my door last night.  for the price, it’s pretty amazing.  I’m off to test it out in the pool this evening.

the search for a bathing suit really got me thinking about warmer weather and taking a “babymoon”.  unfortunatly, due to our schedules and shortage of funds, a babymoon just won’t be possible.  however, a girl can dream, right?  here’s an outfit I put together of what I might wear on a little beach vacation.

baby moon outfit

t by alexander wang dress // old navy maternity bathing suit // j. crew straw hat // butter london jaffa polish // hazel cox earrings // bag’n’noun rucksack // virginia johnson shawl // yohji yamamoto x linda farrow sunglasses // no. 6 t-strap clogs

{photo from rummey bears}

*I decided that walking around our neighborhood is much more satisfying for me than trotting along on a treadmill in a gym packed with sweaty meat heads while every single channel seems to be tuned to the news, espn or the food network.  plus Levi walks with me and I can actually hear him talking rather than pounding feet or pumping techno music.



27 weeks


it’s no question that I like stripes.  navy and white stripes in particular.  I just got this dress {on sale!} from Asos – who has a great maternity section I might add.  I really like it but I’m not sure what constitutes it as “maternity”.  it’s a bit snug but at least it’ll fit me after I’ve had the little man!  and my oh my… I love this wee striped shirt too.  it’s definitely one of my favorite things we’ve gotten for our little man.  in fact, I have the matching shirt in my “pre-pregnancy size” but sadly it doesn’t fit over my belly anymore.  {and yes before you ask, I do plan to be one of “those moms” who takes a mandatory photo of us in our matching shirts.}

depending on what site or book I’m looking at, I’m either in the last week of my second trimester or the first of my third.  I’m counting week 28 as officially in the third but regardless, I feel like I’m definitely in the final stretch and my body feels it too.  but I’ve been walking almost every day and practicing yoga as often as possible.  middle back aches – be gone!

three more months, little man!!




22 weeks, 1 day


today I am 22 weeks.  only 126 more days give or take till we meet our little man.

I got my Gap maternity jeans on Friday and man I’m so thrilled with them.  aside from my round belly, they don’t even look like maternity jeans!  I ended up with the always skinny full panel jeans from the Gap and they are pretty much fantastic.  I’m quite certain I’ll be able to wear them throughout my pregnancy as the panel has lots of room to grow.  right now they are a bit big in the hips and I almost decided to return them for a size smaller but I figured I’d need a little room to grow.  plus, those pant legs are super skinny at the calf!!  over all, worth the $$ and highly recommended.



baby shower outfits

while I haven’t thought too much about it yet, Levi and I briefly discussed the topic of “the baby shower”.  since none of our family is in Oregon, we decided that either A: I won’t have one or B: we’ll throw our own party mid-spring and just invite some of our closest friends over for dinner at our place.  I’m hoping for option B but we’ll see how things pan out.

a lovely reader named Andrea emailed me a few days ago asking for inspiration for her own baby shower outfit.  I was excited to put together some outfits for her but honestly, I’ve felt a little blah about maternity clothes so far.  they all feel so frumpy and just totally not my style.  I mean, if I see one more faux wrap dress in black, I might just scream.  however, I was able to put together two totally wearable outfits, one for the typical girly shower and one for the laid back co-ed party.  I hope you have fun at your baby shower, Andrea!  enjoy!

shower1{a.p.c. dress, rachel comey sweater, red bauble necklace, j. crew strappy flats, butter london polish, floral purse}

shower2{stripe tunic dress, black leggings, j. crew cashmere scarf, moon stud earrings, bronze cuff, hobes shoes}