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sweet gifts


a few things we’ve received in the mail recently for our little man.  adorable whale booties from Kate at Magpie Lovely and the sweetest handmade bib from another Kate, all the way in New Zealand.  thank you so so much ladies!

{those are our gingham crib sheets – aren’t they cute?  I absolutely adore them.  I told Levi they kind of make me think our baby will be sleeping on a Hästens bed.  ha!}



cloth diapers & ecobubs


we’re planning on going the cloth diaper route with our little man.  I received a set of 45 fitted diapers and a handful of covers from a co-worker that we plan to start out with.  however, since we’re currently living in a 4plex where we have a coin-op washer and dryer, I realize our laundry costs will go up*.  eventually I’d like to switch to a one-size diaper with a pocket or snap insert once our little man is out of his newborn phase but I’m confident that the fitteds will work great starting out.

my mother-in-law sent me a link to these adorable cloth diapers from Ecobubs yesterday.  has anyone heard of them or tried them out?  I’m wondering how they perform or if they’re too cute to be true.  if you cloth diaper your baby, what are your favorites?  what has worked for you and what hasn’t?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

*in hindsight, we probably should have started off with a diaper service that would only have been a few more dollars a week… but oh well.



who will the baby look like?

baby alyson

Levi and I have been chatting lately about who the baby will look like.  we giggle over who’s features he’ll get, such as who’s nose he’ll have, will his second toe be longer than his first like mine or will he have big blue eyes like Levi.  will he have a cleft chin and a high forehead?  we’re fairly certain he’ll have brown hair but Levi’s hair is slightly wavy and mine is stick straight.

I looked a lot like my dad when I was growing up and I think Levi looked more like his mom.  so maybe our boy will resemble me more if we go by that theory?  it’s been really fun to think about and pretty amazing if you ask me.  now we’ll just have to wait and see!

baby levi