a wolf in stripes

wolf stripes

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: there’s nothing cuter than a baby in stripes.  this little one in particular does them quite well.  the kind folks at Polarn O. Pyret sent Wolf a set of the eco-stripe leggings and top in their classic red and white stripes.  and in perfect timing – they are the cutest for the holidays!  yesterday when he had them on I kept thinking he looked like a little Santa and all he needed was a hat and fluffy white beard.  the little clothes from PO.P are so soft and cozy.  is it too much that I’m considering these leggings as pjs for myself?

Wolf has a few pairs of socks from PO.P as well and they are the best.  they actually stay on his busy feet when everything else seems to fall off.

wolf stripes

 stripes courtesy of Polarn O. Pyret.  thanks PO.P!




somebody had a first birthday


and he had the best time.

the days before Wolf’s party, we looked at the weather and cringed.  80% chance of rain + 16 mph winds = a recipe for yuckiness at an outdoor BBQ party in the park.  so at 10am the day of the party, we canned plan A and moved on to plan B: an indoor pizza party.  I still made Wolf his birthday cupcakes and all of our guests still wore stripes.  we sipped our sodas from stripey straws and chowed down on all you can eat pizza.  we giggled and watched as Wolf ate his cupcake. when his hands got too sticky, he simply smashed his whole face into it.  he unwrapped every present by himself {mostly} and got “big excited face” when he unearthed each toy.  he was an absolute delight the entire time and even took a rare second nap he was so worn out!

striped family

I learned a big parent lesson, too.  when things don’t go as planned, you must must must make the best of it.  of course I had visions of beautiful, sunny photos of the set up and pictures of all our striped guests but you know, it just didn’t happen.  and yes, I was terribly bummed when we had to move the party indoors. {and even more bummed once I had a 4am realization that I’d had the settings wrong on my film camera and most likely underexposed ALL the photos I took at the party}  but I told myself, there might be other parties that get rained out or other things that just don’t go as planned.  and rather than being upset, I need to be happy, if not happier than Wolf so that he’s as happy as a clam when we move on to plan B.

happy birthday, Wolf.  congrats on your first trip around the sun.  here’s to many more.