Wolf at 1 year

wolf 1 year

remember back when I was writing for Babble?  and I said I was going to post updates on Wolf at 4 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year?  well, that didn’t happen.  I started back to work and right around that same time my computer died, leaving me to only write when I had free time, which was almost never.  now, still not much “free time” but I wanted to write a few things down about Wolf at 1 year so that I never forget, even though he turned a year old almost a month ago!  here goes.

birth – 7lbs, 8oz / 41%
1 year – 22lbs, 8oz / 66%

birth – 21.5″ / 96%
1 year – 32.15″ / 99%  {I measured you over a week ago and I swear you’ve had another growth spurt since then.  you’re so tall!!  today a lady at the grocery store thought you were at least 2.}

Words & Communication
you don’t say many words yet but you understand pretty much anything we say to you.  we ask you where things are and you can go get pretty much anything.  ball {which is the big red ball}, baseball, soccer ball, Howl {your wolf stuffed animal}, drum, Harry {the Dirty Dog}, your shoes, mom’s shoes, your piano, your toy cell phone, and the list keeps going.
you say “BA!” for ball, box, bottle and babble a lot.  we walk to get the mail every day and the whole way down to the mail box you point and clap and say “BA!!!” which we are pretty sure is BOX!  {you always say it with enthusiasm.}
you don’t particularly call us Mama or Dada though you know who we are.  Dad asks you “where’s Mom?” and you smile and point at me.
you can follow pretty much any command.  I will say “go put ____ into the bucket” or “let’s go outside!”

Special talents
you can neigh like a horse on command.  we say, “what sound does a horse make?”  and you say “neigh neigh neigh”  you also growl like a lion and say “aa aa aa” like a monkey.
you just learned to drink from a straw!  it’s really fun and you like to do it all the time.
you can throw food on the floor like a champ!!!

your favorite thing in the world is a little bowl of strawberries, sliced just right for tiny fingers.  we have to be careful not to bring out strawberries at meal times though otherwise you won’t want to eat anything else!
you LOVE to be outside.
Dad plays a game with you that we call “I’m gonna get you!”  basically he stomps around while chasing you and you get all giggly.  then he hides and jumps out to spook you and you laugh and laugh!  you love your dad.  you guys can be quite silly together.
you love to play on the couch.  sometimes I just sit up there and you bring me toy after toy or multiple books to read and sometimes you just sit up right close to me with your back against my side and play quietly.
you love things that make noise.  the ukelele!  the piano!!  the obnoxious blinking octopus thing that sings and lights up in the tub!!!  the drum!  maracas!!

you hate hate HATE the toothbrush.  I’ve tried to make it fun, I’ve tried singing songs, I’ve tried doing it really fast… but nothing works.  I literally have to pin you down and brush in between yells.  the good thing about you yelling at me is your tongue moves out of the way and I can get to those bottom teeth better!
you do not like when I’m on the computer when you’re awake.  sometimes I try to sneak in a few minutes on Google reader or post a really quick find to UT and you immediately let me know that it’s not acceptable.
you are really impatient.  you get that from me, sorry kid.  if I don’t have your milk ready as soon as you wake up from your nap you get so mad!

you are a GREAT sleeper and always have been!  when we first moved to Bend, we made a really strong effort to help you learn to fall asleep on your own.  those first couple of days were not fun.  in fact, you skipped two naps and decided to stay up way past your bed time – just to avoid having to fall asleep by yourself.  but now you’re a pro.  we say night night to your animals {your sweet mobile} and I lay you down in the crib.  I gently rub your back for a minute or two and sometimes this puts you to sleep.  other times, I kiss your cheek, tell you I love you, then leave the room.  you whimper a little but are usually right to sleep.  and you sleep from about 6:30 or 7 until 6:30 in the morning!  dream kid.  you have woken up a few times in the past week but those stinkin’ molars are to blame for that.  {you’ve got two coming in now!}  now you’re down to just 1 nap a day and you sleep for almost 3 hours at a time.  {Mom gets to be super productive then!}

our first year was amazing with you, little man.  you are a pure joy and such a good kid.  you make your mom and dad very proud.  kisses!


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    Mom said:

    Wolf is a very fortunate little boy to have two parents who love him as much as you do and who are so totally devoted to him. He wouldn’t be such a happy kid otherwise! Looking forward to Wolf updates for year two!!!

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    Kit said:

    What a great summary of a precious little life! From such a wonderful beginning, I suspect that he is going to be special for the rest of his life. You are really smart to keep a record of each years’ growth and activities. Hope you keep it up. Did you shed a little tear at the end?
    Love you all.

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    Ji in said:

    Happy belated 1st Birthday~!!! What a sweet little post. It brought back memories of when my daughter was one. She also hated brushing her teeth. The only thing that worked was singing her a story-song about her animals :)

    How lucky of you to have such a champion sleeper! Any tips on how to help them fall asleep on their own? Our little guy struggles each time.

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    Meagan said:

    Every kid needs a big red ball. :-) We have a blue silicone shark toothbrush/teether that my bub doesn’t seem to mind… Not entirely sure how great a job it does cleaning, but we’re developing a habit, right?