brooke schwab


I recently stumbled on the beautiful photography of Brooke Schwab and my first thought was, “why doesn’t she live closer!??!”  I love her work, especially from these mini sessions.  all that white space, all those happy kids! {I even spy sweet Ory!}

pssst – in case you missed it, I shared a few tips on taking photos of kids here.

{all photos by Brooke Schwab}


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    Sharlene said:

    I adore Brooke’s work! I haven’t seen these mini sessions before though. Just lovely :)

    A little off topic question, would you by any chance know what the red toy, the one little girl in the first set of pictures is playing with, is called? I saw it once in a blog post somewhere about open-ended play, and have not for the life of me been able to track it down anymore! Was rather interested in getting one for my little girl.

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      Alyson said:

      I don’t!! sorry! wish I did because it looks pretty neat. I’ll let you know I’d I find out though!

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    Casey said:

    Yes! I love her work and plan on getting her to take some more family photos of us soon!

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    Lisa Fyfe said:

    Gorgeous photography. I pinned/blogged some of her work recently.

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    Darcie said:

    That awesome toy there is called a Bilibo.

    I love that thing and so do the little ones- here is an adorable little video that made me giggle and then go out and buy one. :)