somebody had a first birthday


and he had the best time.

the days before Wolf’s party, we looked at the weather and cringed.  80% chance of rain + 16 mph winds = a recipe for yuckiness at an outdoor BBQ party in the park.  so at 10am the day of the party, we canned plan A and moved on to plan B: an indoor pizza party.  I still made Wolf his birthday cupcakes and all of our guests still wore stripes.  we sipped our sodas from stripey straws and chowed down on all you can eat pizza.  we giggled and watched as Wolf ate his cupcake. when his hands got too sticky, he simply smashed his whole face into it.  he unwrapped every present by himself {mostly} and got “big excited face” when he unearthed each toy.  he was an absolute delight the entire time and even took a rare second nap he was so worn out!

striped family

I learned a big parent lesson, too.  when things don’t go as planned, you must must must make the best of it.  of course I had visions of beautiful, sunny photos of the set up and pictures of all our striped guests but you know, it just didn’t happen.  and yes, I was terribly bummed when we had to move the party indoors. {and even more bummed once I had a 4am realization that I’d had the settings wrong on my film camera and most likely underexposed ALL the photos I took at the party}  but I told myself, there might be other parties that get rained out or other things that just don’t go as planned.  and rather than being upset, I need to be happy, if not happier than Wolf so that he’s as happy as a clam when we move on to plan B.

happy birthday, Wolf.  congrats on your first trip around the sun.  here’s to many more.


  1. 29


    Lauren said:

    Cutesy pic ever of Wolf! He looks so big, like a little boy! And so happy!

  2. 30


    julia said:

    happiest of birthdays to you wolf!

    and what an important lesson to learn. wolf won’t remember whether it was a picture perfect party, but just whether it was fun and he had all his loved ones surrounding him (which he clearly did). what a lucky boy he is!

  3. 4


    jamie said:

    well done, you. he is so awesome.

  4. 4


    Amy Nieto said:

    It’s tough to be happier than Wolf on his first birthday! I am so glad he was a happy little boy celebrating what seems like fun times with family and cupcakes and new toys. If MY upbringing taught me anything about parenting is that nothing goes as planned, but mamas make sure everything is fun and enjoyable! Also, I had never seen Levi in stripes.

  5. 7


    Borda said:

    Happy Birthday Wolf! At first glance, I thought that was your dad behind Wolf in that first picture – I had to do a double-take!

  6. 21


    Flora said:

    Hi Alyson!
    This picture of the 3 of you is perfect. I love Wolf’s dad’s face :)
    Hoping all is good with you, xx

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    Lauren said:

    Somehow I missed this post, but I really (REALLY) love it – it’s like you read my mind and spoke the words inside my head. I felt awful during the first month for not feeling over-the-moon in love with Fern, but it came with time. I was never a baby person either. I always wanted kids, but would’ve been perfectly fine to skip the baby stage, but now I’ve grown to love all her baby fun-ness. I really do think that breast feeding difficulties contributed to all of it, because once it got easier, I started feeling more attached to Fern. I’m glad you wrote this post, because there are so many mamas out there who’ve felt the same and felt alone in it. You are such a great mama!