solvej swings


eventually we’d like to get a swing for Wolf. he LOVES swinging and I’d love to have one at our own house. and being the advocate of less plastic that I am, I’ve gotten my head stuck on a wooden swing. I’ve had visions of pushing Wolf in a fancy wooden swing in the backyard in our dream house and a few weeks ago, I pinned a wooden swing image that I’d sourced back to an old Domino magazine with no references. since then, I’ve been madly on the hunt. today while on the search again, I not only found that swing but I also found the jackpot swing.

Solvej swings are made in New Zealand from weather proof materials, natural durable timber, rot proof canvas and stainless steel fittings so you can use it outdoors. plus, they have carbine hooks and screw eyes make it very easy for you to move the swing so you can use it indoors as well. {hooray!} they are pretty much the nicest swings I’ve ever seen. I love that they are canvas – more comfortable! and I love the natural simplicity of them. and Wolf told me he wants one too so… Dad?  ;)


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    Lauren said:

    Hmmm I know exactly where you can put it!

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    Maja said:

    I had one exactly like this when I was little. Wolf will love it!

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    Lauren said:

    I saw these on Pinterest and I too am obsessed. The look so comfy, too, don’t you think? I mean, obviously that baby fell asleep in one, so it must be.

    Am new to your blog- off to read some more. Good luck convincing the hubs!

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    rebecca said:

    swings are great… for anyone. we know a few people with heavy duty eye hooks place into the beams of the celing for hanging swings, trapeze bars, and even these awesome web-like forms made from climbing rope and wood bars. i can’t find anything like them online. might have to photograph someday and replicate it here if i can. they look pretty in and out of use.

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    paige said:

    these swings are awesome, and they are good looking!! i want one in my house…thank you for this, i pinned it immediately :)

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    Jena M said:

    Considering you are in Portland, OR and this swing company is in New Zealand… what about making your own version of a canvas swing with Portland’s very own, Beckel Canvas on SE Clinton St? I’ve done custom projects with them in the past and they are very receptive. Better yet, gather a couple of your friends together and order more! http://beckelcanvas.com/

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      alyson said:

      thanks Jena! I’m in Bend now and have already been scheming up plans to make my own swing. but perhaps I’ll contact them, too!