games of make believe


I loved browsing though these images from Waddler.  seeing the kids smiling and laughing while playing instantly brought back memories of my childhood.  the games I used to play and the adventures I would take.   when I was a kid, I loved pretending.  one day I’d be a gymnast, tumbling around my parent’s giant bedroom floor and the next I was a spy on a secret mission, hiding high in the trees in my front yard.  another time I set up a post office in my dining room, using the slatted windows and sill as my work space.  and just like most kids, I’d build massive forts in the living room, with couch cushions and nearly every sheet in the house.  then my best friend and I would pretend we were queens, each from an opposing nation, defending our fort.

it makes me excited for Wolf to grow up.  he’s got lots of games of make believe waiting for him and days where playtime and exploration consume every ounce of his being.


{images from Waddler}


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    Kathleen said:

    What gorgeous photos – and a wonderful post. Reading it made me so nostalgic for my childhood, and especially for all the crazy stuff my brother, cousins, and I used to dream up.

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    jess said:

    great photos! that last one reminds me of john singer sargent’s painting, “carnation, lily, lily, rose.”