babies away!


Dads and their kids. it’s a totally different relationship than moms and their kids, right? my Dad used to catapult me off his shoulders into the pool when I was a kid. it was SO fun but I’m sure it drove my mom crazy.┬áLevi loves to horse around with Wolf, from dashing out from behind a door and shouting BOO! to tossing him playfully in the air. Wolf laughs and smiles the entire time while I say things like, “not so high!” or “that makes me nervous!”. we often joke that Levi is Cool Dad and I’m Mean Mom. Levi will always look out for Wolf’s safety but I’m sure my heart will stop a few times while Wolf grows up snowboarding and trying out the newest tricks.

{this AMAZING photo is from mricon via the yard pdx}



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    We are having a boy in August and my husband is already plotting fishing trips and hiking excursions and ambitious Lego constructions. I’m like, you realize he will be a baby for a while, right? Still, so sweet to see.

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    I know you don’t want to get Wolf too many wolf things…but I saw these and thought maybe you might think they are a must!