Wolf’s wolf stuff

white wolf esoule

when I was pregnant and we finally decided that we were going to name our little boy Wolf, I vowed not to get him a whole bunch of wolf stuff.  7 months later, he’s got that cute wolf from Regina and 3 more wolf stuffed animals from family, a wooden wolf that says WOLF on it, a hand-painted wolf from small adventure, a wolf in the forest onesie, a wolf blanket and probably more that I can’t think of.  his first ornament was a wolf, too.  I try not to focus on wolf things but I catch myself browsing through animals, searching for a wolf ALL. THE. TIME.  I suppose it was bound to happen and the kid will just have to get used to his name being connected with the animal.  sigh.

he’s already got a print from Elizabeth Soule, but naturally I’m in love with her newest white wolf, too.  maybe for my office?


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    marisa said:

    it’s too hard to resist though! my son’s name is forest, and i’m the same way. i recently bought him 2 books just because they were about a forest ;)

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    Flora said:

    HI Alyson, Happy New Year! Have you checked the meaning of the Wolf according to the Native Americans (Totem Animals)? It’s a great one, I love it. It would be cool if he could relate to the animal and the beauty behind it, too!

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    Lauren said:

    Same goes for us and our little boy Arrow! How can you not?

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    kristen said:

    I feel like as my son has gotten older, he relates a lot to the idea of animals in books and out in public. Their names compose some of his first words and signs and they really pique his interest as everything comes into focus in his mind. I bet a lot of babies are like this, and Wolf will probably think it’s awesome to focus on wolves and make it part of his identity as a little kid.

    Maybe as parents we search out images and metaphors of who we think our kids will become going on the symbols that we give ourselves.