we’ve got a mover!

inch worm

just around the time that we left for our vacation, Wolf became mobile.  he’s a pro inch worm and scoots around on his belly and sometimes his butt.  things got easy and more difficult all at the same time.  he’s happy to scoot around and play with himself but that also meant we could no longer plop him down on the bed and expect that he’d stay there.  accident #1 occurred on our trip – Wolf scoots off the bed.  no serious injuries to the baby, but Mom felt pretty dang terrible.

and – bonus trick – Wolf pulled up to standing in the crib this morning… all by himself!  what a big kid we’ve got.  I suppose running is just around the corner.


  1. 14


    celia said:

    i’m not gonna lie. i hate everything about mobile babies. why can’t they learn to crawl/scoot when they’re, i don’t know, two?

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      Alyson said:

      i always think of you when Wolf is headed toward the outlet or plugged in cords. why must they go for the forbidden fruit?!

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    Cassidy said:

    oh my. my son just fell off of our bed the other day, too. i felt horrible. it’s a whole new world with a mobile little man. i think their little bumps and crashes hurt us more than it hurts them.