wooly papoose


since the temperatures are dropping, when we take Wolf for a walk in his stroller, we pile blankets on him and wrap up his feet and hands.  it’s probably quite comical.

I love this wooly papoose made from Pendleton wool fabric, made by The Good Flock in Portland, Oregon.  what a fantastic way to keep baby warm!


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    I am looking for a good baby stroller and heard that the stokke stroller line is a good one. My daughter is 6 months now and my current baby stroller is just not cutting it. Any advice as to what type of baby stroller is the best type and anyone have experience with the stokke stroller line?

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    celia said:

    oooh, i need one of these BAD. cheech has this horrible habit of kicking her blankets off, and i don’t exactly want them falling off onto oakland sidewalks.

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    Eleri said:

    This looks nice and cozy! I love pendleton. I hope you post again soon.