1. 17


    jamie said:

    oh alyson he is SO CUTE.

  2. 18


    He is so adorable!

  3. 18


    allison said:

    such a cute video! the music is perfect too!!

  4. 19


    mary kate said:

    LOVE! did y’all prop him up in the swing? I am dying to put my 5-month-old in a swing but he can’t sit up yet (and I thought that was a prerequisite?)

    • 19


      alyson said:

      Levi put his hoodie behind him on the swing, rolled up, because those baby swings are huge! Wolf is *almost* sitting up by himself. he can do it for a few seconds before toppling over.

      do you put your baby in a bouncer or a bumbo? I think if they have good trunk control and you make sure to put something in the swing with them, they should be ok. and stay close by!

  5. 20


    Brittany said:

    so cute! what a sweet video. wolf is just so adorable and a really good mix of the both of you. and i love that hoodie!

  6. 21


    jiyoonie said:

    ack! so so sweet! isn’t it awesome how full of joy / wonderment they are at even the simplest of things? it’s the best :)

  7. 27


    miriam said:

    this is perfect !