the weekend of firsts pt. 1

wolf photobooth1

Wolf went to the photobooth for the first time this weekend.  obviously he was more interested than anything other than the lens: the blinking lights from the credit card machine, mom, the shiny stuff above the lens, mom’s credit card waiving above the lens, you get the idea.  none the less, here his is in all his 4 and half month photobooth glory.

photobooth wolf

sigh.  I love this boy.


  1. 17


    nicole b. said:

    Oh, wow. These are so great. I love his wide-eyed expression, ha! Such a cutie. xo.

  2. 17


    wonderchris said:

    Love photobooth pics – and Wolf’s do not disappoint!! He is adorable…love his little fist. :)

  3. 22


    lauren said:

    too cute for words!

  4. 30


    {gemmifer} said:

    What a cutie… The bottom left photo looks like it could be the pic on the poster for his first boxing match! ;)