hatley pjs

hatley pjs

Hatley is a new to me company that I discovered via Zulily today.  I’ve said it more than once.  *gasp*  Wolf needs something other than stripes.  it seems like most boy prints are kinda cheesy, so whenever I happen upon some cute prints, I snatch them up.  I got Wolf some bear pjs and a robot footie from the sale on Zulily today, and I’m thinking of ordering more directly from Hatley, too.  I think he might need a moose suit as well.


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    Kirsten said:

    Those pjs are so cute! I completely agree that boy prints can be totally cheesy and when I think of it, most of my little man’s pjs are striped! I love these Hatley prints!

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    roberta jane said:

    damn, looks like zulily is sold out of the black bear pj’s – so cute!

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      alyson said:

      that always seems to happen to whatever they have as the “featured” item. I ended up waiting too long and had to get 12-18 mo size. at least they’ll fit eventually!

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    Rebecca R said:

    Daniel’s mom got us some of these – SUPER cute prints. The way the feet are designed is a little funky, and the legs are super long – but long legs aren’t a bad thing.