my sweet little Wolf


a few weeks ago, my friend Leah Verwey came over to take some photos of Wolf.  they turned out pretty amazing and I wanted to share them with you.  Wolf is just such joy lately, smiling and being extra cute, so he was a natural in front of the camera!  here are a few of my favorites.


I’m so so happy to have theses photos.  it makes me want photos of our little family at every stage of Wolf’s life. since either Levi or myself is always the one taking photos, it was so nice to have Leah come over to photograph us in our space. we just went about our usual routine interacting with Wolf and I absolutely love how they turned out.


Leah is a Portland based wedding and commercial photographer.  be sure to check out her blog and her other project, Space PDX for some more beautiful photos.  thanks again, Leah!!


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    Anne said:

    Lovely, lovely pics!

  2. 10


    Karen Berry said:

    Charming photos…my favorite is the one where he is smiling at the camera with just a hint of disbelief. Adorable.

  3. 10


    abby said:

    these are amazing, i love them all!
    great job, leah :)

  4. 10


    Sealicious said:

    They are so beautiful and special :) Wolf has such gorgeous eyes!

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    Kendall said:

    These are amazing, I love them!
    The one of him all swaddled is so cute! You are an adorable family!

  6. 10


    Eileen said:

    Great pictures, he is growing so fast. Thank you for sharing

  7. 10


    Alexis said:

    These are fantastic! I really like how they are soft and yet, feel bright at the same time. Wolf looks like a little elfin baby—he is so precious. You have a beautiful family.

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    debbie said:

    these are lovely photos. leah did a wonderful job capturing your family. and wolf is looking so handsome!

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    Lexie said:

    he has such an expressive face! these pictures are lovely.

  10. 10


    casey said:

    these are precious! love the capture of your everyday routine… wolf is super cute!!

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    Mfree said:

    Love the photos of your little man. He’s sooo cute! We’re expecting a girl in Sept. and are very excited to finally meet her. I was wondering where you got the moses basket in one of the photos. We’ve been hunting for one that’s simple yet cosy and your looks perfect.

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    wolf looks like his daddy! i love his room so much. gorgeous images… you’re one beautiful family x

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    Amy Nieto said:

    I am now definitely seeing the resemblance to Levi! Oh, how I love these and I love you guys and I love AwesomeLeah!!!!

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    These are beautiful photos that you will cherish forever! Sounds cheesy, but so true. It makes me want to go and book a session with a photographer right away. With Leah, if she were closer…

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    katie said:

    lovely lovely photos!

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    Rhapsodee said:

    OMG! He is so intense! It’s fantastic. Your life will only get better Alyson! Thank you so much for sharing!

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    jamie said:

    !!!!!!!!!! they are gorgeous. he is so handsome. that toy on the top right of his shelves? the wood & bunjee? H LOVES.

  18. 10


    rylee said:

    oh my goodness. he’s getting so big!!! that little man is so handsome!

  19. 11


    nicole b. said:

    These are fantastic. He is soooo cute. I can’t get over it, really. xo.

  20. 11


    abby said:

    He is such an adorably baby, and so expressive. I will echo the above comments and agree that yes you are a beautiful family!

  21. 13


    Barret said:

    Love his big blue eyes. Where is the animal mobile from… it’s so lovely and sweet.


  22. 15


    sara said:

    Wolf seems like an adorable and sweet little boy. He looks so gentle and kind… And he carries the name Wolf perfectly.
    (I was the reader who guessed the name of your son!)

  23. 16


    wow, these shots are amazing! wolf is so adorable, you make a very lovely family!

  24. 17


    jill said:

    so cute, and i ADORE that animal mobile. where is it from?

  25. 17


    kristina said:

    so so cute, little wolf!!

  26. 17


    oh, alyson! he’s so, so lovely!!! these photos are superb. can i ask where the night sky needlepoint is from? i love it!

  27. 18


    michella said:

    LOVE! perfect.

  28. 18


    Diana said:

    I adore that mobile!

    Where did you get it, if you don’t mind me asking…

  29. 22


    Anna said:

    beautiful photos! i love the one with wolf in his crib looking up at the mobile.

  30. 26


    Kathleen said:

    What wonderful photos! The one of both of you holding his hands is so sweet – what a great family photo.

  31. 30


    Luisa said:

    Wolf is just beyond gorgeous. What a lovely, expressive, deep little face! Love it. The photos are lovely.

  32. 5


    cecilia said:

    wolf is so handsome! i especially love the first picture!
    and that mobile, wow, love it. where is it from?

  33. 5


    jen said:

    I love the swaddle I have 5 kiddos and was a huge fan of swaddleing. It makes them feel all cozy and remind them of their first home ! He is a adorable baby so sweet love it

  34. 9


    he is SO sweet!!!

  35. 22


    Kate said:

    Just booked a session with Leah after seeing this super lovely shot. Can’t wait!

  36. 30


    julie said:

    precious, heart-pangingly great photos, thank you for sharing! WHERE is that fantastic animal mobile from?

  37. 12


    Giovanna said:

    Hi Alyson,
    Can you share where the moses basket and rocker are from? Thanks!