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    jamie said:

    they should fit him well, not short and squat. H can still fit into one (at 4 months) marked 3-6 months but will outgrow it soon. but i think H is not as skinny as wolf. so, 3-6 if you want it to fit *now* bigger if you want more room to grow?

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    Tara said:

    Isn’t it funny how you just know exactly what they want? Ha! This is absolutely adorable! I’m thinking our little man needs a bow tie as well. Unfortunately I don’t know much about AA sizing, but I’m sure this will looking super cute on baby Wolf!

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    taryn said:

    cute! i love the aa stuff for my son who is also long and skinny. even their pants fit him, which is pretty much a miracle because he’s so skinny.

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    jocelyn said:

    i find the AA stuff fits my long skinny boy well but the sizes run small. he’s wearing 6 month carter’s size now and the 3-6 month onesie from AA is way too short now! and it never fit over the bulky cloth diaper.

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    Barret said:

    AA stuff is great and good for long and skinnies (my son Saxon is 5 mths and as long as a 7 mth old) but they do run a little small. I really like their striped onesies – the perfect antidote to clothes that are TOO precious and babylike.

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    sara said:

    It fits well long babies (on the skinny side). My son August is a really tall 4 months old and he fits the 3-6 months onesies. However, I think he will outgrow them a little before he’s 6 months. If you haven’t done it yet, you should also check their stripes onesies collection (so good!) and their “initials” as well (letter in the front, like W…).

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    so cute! i find the AA onesies on the small side. they are long, which is good for alice, but i would go one size up since they shrink a bit. (alice is 7 weeks, a little over 12 lbs and 24 inches long and the 3-6 fit her perfect right now, if that helps)