somebody is one month old!


Wolf turned 1 month old on Sunday and I can hardly believe it!  time really does fly with a new baby.  of course I’m biased, but time especially flies with one as cute as Wolf!


today I wrote about my struggles with breastfeeding on Babble.  I’ve been struggling to boost my milk supply and it’s been quite a challenge.

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    Kersey said:

    It goes by so fast. He’s a doll! (in a very handsome way)

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    heather said:

    to me, he’s your husband’s clone! but he might have your mouth. regardless, he’s adorable and i’m so happy for you! you make me excited to be a mom!

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    Monica S. said:

    Hey hon,

    No one tells you how tough all this stuff is, but just like labor, it may not all go according to our plans, but you and your baby will find a balance together.

    Supplementing with herbs couldn’t really help us; Milk thistle and fenugreek really upset Nina’s stomach and gave her horrible gas, so I felt like I was on my own in terms of supply.

    I always found that my milk increased like crazy after a big bowl of oatmeal (good news, homemade oatmeal cookies count too!!) or anything really high in protein. Tons of water, and good ole fashioned dark room, meditation and focus.

    Keep the faith, and as long as your baby is getting any breast milk at all, he is getting a wonderful gift from you.


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    Franny said:

    Holy cow is he adorable.

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    drea said:

    hi and congrats. he is beautiful (this is tif’s friend drea). Are you on facebook? If so, the leaky b@@b was a huge help for me when starting to bf. they also have a blog. there are some others that are good too like “the good letdown”. having other bf-ing moms to talk to is crucial. a good, certified lactation consultant helps too, especially with the latch. the best thing for supply is to nurse and avoid formula. pump if and when you give a bottle. supply and demand. avoid caffeine. drink lots of water and rest. oatmeal is amazing, not instant. steel cut is best. there is a great and delicious recipe for lactation cookies on the leaky b@@b. nutritional yeast is helpful. bf-ing is challenging under the best of circumstances but SO worth it. If you ever wanna chat let me know! love your pictures. oregon looks amazing as always. I had a crazy experience on canon beach. my husband thinks he wants to live in portland. enjoy <3<3

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    drea said:

    I guess I should have read your babble post first. I have found the most help from other moms. Hospitals and medical professionals arent as pro breastfeeding as you might think. It is not unusual for milk to take several days to come in. Lots of babies loose weight in this time. The first few days they get colostrum which is CRUCIAL. You probably know all this already so just tell me to shut up. You are doing a great job. Keep on nursing mommy!

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    Anna said:

    Hi there,

    I had a situation identical to yours about this time two years ago. My son wasn’t getting enough from the breast in the beginning (which I now attribute to lack of nursing support before we left the hospital with him), and we supplemented a little until, at 3 1/2 or 4 months, I could tell that he was getting enough from me to completely eliminate the formula.
    This was fraught with complication, too, because the formula had caused a cow’s milk sensitivity, and so I had to eliminate all dairy products from my diet because he was sensitive to those proteins, even when they were filtered through me! It all worked out in the end, though.
    Like you, I was determined. The important thing is that your son is growing well! Lots of luck to you as you continue on. I’m sure it will go well. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!

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    Fannie said:

    Our babies are just one day apart! Unfortunately we spent her 1 month in the hospital since she had a UTI, poor baby. It’s so crazy how fast they grow. Happy 6 weeks (now) to Wolf!

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    Abigail said:

    This is going to sound really wacky, but I was in Europe with baby #1 and had the same issues and while abroad, I went to a lactation consultant and…. beer. A couple of ounces in the morning. It was unorthodox for sure and I am not a drinker…. but can I admit that it worked? Of course, I will also admit that it was non-alcoholic beer. :)

    It is a polysaccharide in the barley. Just a thought to ponder. I was pretty darned desperate when I tried it. :)

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    he really has the SWEETEST face, alyson. what a lovely precious little man! xo joanna