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    paige said:

    haha! adorable.
    i need to look into these bjorn bouncers…

  2. 4


    Sasha said:

    Thats Awesome!! so Cute

  3. 4


    taryn said:

    he’s adorable! is he tall? his legs look so long! i love a little baby in just a diaper. congratulations!

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    Hermione said:

    Just found your blog, and am busy catching up with your pregnancy articles on babble. Just wanted to say congratulations. I am recently pregnant and currently soaking up an pregnancy info I can find.
    I just read your article on introducing your baby to your cats – how did it go? I’d love to know, as I am already worrying about how our “feline first born” will take the new arrival.

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    wonderchris said:

    That’s awesome! Rockin’ out!! :)

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    haha! so cute!

  7. 7


    kristina said:

    That baby bjorn chair was one of the best purchases we made after Dashiell was born. Glad you already have one!

  8. 29


    Tina said:

    He is so adorable. He’s going to be a big boy, look at the size of his hands and feet!