40 weeks

me 40w1d

hiya little man.

today is your due date.  hopefully this will be my last weekly photo but I guess we won’t know until you’re here.  no matter how much I’ve tried to ignore it, we both know there’s no question what was on my mind when I woke up this morning.  will you be the 5% of babies born on their due date?  when will you arrive?

I’m totally over being pregnant.  I’m so anxious to meet you that every single thought I have revolves about you.  however, today I can’t help but reflect on what I will miss once I’m not pregnant anymore.  {you can read my list over on Babble}

I hope you decide to come soon.  we are ready when you are!

xo mom


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    Claudia said:

    this is so exciting :)

    and I realized something when I went shopping for me this week: dress = not breastfeeding friendly…so sad since I wanted to get one that looked pretty much like the one you have on your picture!


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      rebecca said:

      ah the dress/breastfeeding dilemma. so true!

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    rebecca said:

    love the curve-accentuating stripes on that belly. it won’t be long!

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    kendall said:

    You are so adorable and inspiring!
    Wishing you a great day today and hoping your little man comes soon!

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    Jenny said:

    I keep checking in every day to see if your little one has arrived! I was due on May 13th and my son was born on April 29th. Although I loved being pregnant (most of the time), I can’t imagine being pregnant for another second!

    Your list on Babble is totally spot-on, by the way. The good news is you’ll still get plenty of that after the baby is born :)

    Best of luck to you!!

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    Allison said:

    SO excited for you :) Everything will go beautifully, I’m sure.

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    paige said:

    oh how exciting!!!! can’t wait to meet your little man, as well. :)
    and btw…you look amazing.

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    kate said:

    Just wanted to say how amazing your hair looks, Alyson!

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    I can’t wait! But I’ve heard boys like to stick around with their mamas a little longer than 40 weeks. We’ll see.

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    kristina said:

    Hooray!!! I read a kooky factoid a few months ago that statistically, babies are most often born on Wednesdays. Guess what day Dashiell was born? Wednesday! And the labor & delivery wing was stuffed full of women in labor when we got there.

    Which means, you will obviously go into labor tomorrow night and have your bebe on Wednesday. Only 1 more day to go!

    Also, (re babble) if you breastfeed exclusively you won’t get your period for a while longer. I got mine 10 months to the day after Dashiell was born. Didn’t miss it at all, that’s for sure!

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    Been reading your blog for quite a while now – then I realised the other day that your baby may well be born on my birthday, 18th of May. May is the perfect time to have a birthday with the spring and blossom in the air, your little man will be very lucky!

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    Colleen said:

    I will be sending you contraction-inspired thoughts all day today.

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    jamie said:


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    jamie said:

    (re: Wednesdays… henry was born on a Thursday, but only by under 2 hours, and after a long labor…)

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    stephanie said:

    you look amazing! so excited for you.

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    Caitlin said:

    I keep checking back in to see if there is news, I can’t imagine how ready you guys must be. So exciting!

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    Janelle said:

    I just realized that your due date and the due date for my little man were exactly the same :) I hope your little guy comes this week!

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    Courtney said:

    Thanks for unruly little things. It’s the only baby blog I follow in my 35th week. Wishing you all the happiness you all can handle : )

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    i was just thinking about you this morning! i had my boy on his due date, i am not sure how i could have waited longer. time moves so slow now doesn’t it? xoxo

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    kate said:

    so exciting! i keep checking to see if he has arrived yet…….
    i’ll be thinking of you guys!

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    rebecca s. said:

    you look so amazing.

    sending lots of good thoughts your way!

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    nicole b. said:

    This wee bit of blog silence tells me he’s probably here! Hoping all is well! xo.

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    bri said:

    I have been checking in everyday to see if he has arrived! I am guessing he has since you haven’t posted anything lately… and am sending good thoughts and love your way! xo

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    bri said:

    I have been popping by everyday or so to see if your little one has arrived, and I am guessing that no updates means he has! sending love and good thoughts to you and your family

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    Andie Roeder said:

    Hi there! Dying to know if the baby has come and to see him! Drop a line and let us know! The anticipation is killing me… it’s been two weeks of suspense!

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    Anna said:

    You look really lovely here. I love your dress! Could you tell me where you found it?