39 weeks

39 weeks

hiya little man.

so today I’m 39 weeks pregnant.  your due date is only a week away.  I think you’re getting ready.  at least you’ve been mighty busy in my belly these past few days.  it’s funny being this close to your due date.  I keep getting little twinges and blips of sharp pain and wonder, is this it?  but nothing so far.  your dad noticed yesterday that you definitely look like you’ve dropped even further.  he thinks a whole inch or two since last week!  I don’t go to the doctor until Wednesday, so we’ll wait to see what she says.

today was my first official day of maternity leave, even though I’m still doing some work from home until you arrive.  I spent most of the day in yoga pants and felt like I was playing hooky.  it’s weird to think that I won’t go back to work full time until September.  but I’m excited to spend the summer getting to know you.  you’ll love Portland summers.

we’re so ready to meet you.

xo mom


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    Exciting! I keep getting pains too…I thought Braxton Hicks were supposeddddd to be painless. Oh well.

    Good luck! You’re in the last stretch!

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      Brittany said:

      you look so great! so excited for you! also, i love the animal print you put up

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    bec said:

    so close!!
    (and is that a sneak of the nursery behind you? we want to see more!!)
    rest up!

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      alyson said:

      yep! a little sneak peek. and in fact, it’s the first belly photo I’ve taken in the little man’s room. I’m hoping in the next one I’ll have him in my arms. ;)

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    rebecca said:

    happy whenever it happens.

    what’d you guys decide about the camera?

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    rebecca s. said:

    you look fantastic!

    how exciting!

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    wonderchris said:

    Portland summers are the best!!

    You look amazing!

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    Tara said:

    How exciting! You look beautiful and that dress is absolutely adorable!

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    Alyson said:

    Alyson, I have been a reader for a long time now (but a sneaky-never-commented before one), first at unruly things and now here, but I wanted to write now since it’s so close! So exciting and thank you for sharing it all with us! Best to you and your little family.

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    Lexie said:

    it’s neat to think your little guy will actually be from portland, unlike most people my age (college age) who just transplant there! what a fun time you will have this summer.