the rocker arrived!


our rocker finally arrived yesterday!  I purchased this vintage Mid-Century rocker on ebay almost a month ago and have been patiently awaiting its arrival.  the owner had to disassemble the chair to ship it to us and the top part arrived last week.  even though they were both coming from New Jersey, somehow the base ended up in Alabama and sat there for a few days {urg!} but it finally made its cross-country journey and landed in Portland yesterday morning!  it’s seriously the most comfortable thing EVER.  it’s got a glider style rock and the cushions are perfect.  now all I need is a little table to sit next to it.  {and a little baby to rock in it!}

{and yes, I’ve been getting quite a bit of wear from my striped dresses!}


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    angie said:

    ooh. i like how your rocker doesnt look so literal. :-)

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    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! your rocker rocks!

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    Chaucee said:

    wow that baby looks comfortable! and by baby i mean rocker….er, i guess i should change up my nouns by now. ha. but you look great! hope you’re feeling just as well.

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    Dang, it was in Alabama? I should have stolen it while I had the chance.

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    Siri said:

    You are looking more and more ready!! How exciting!

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    Kymmi said:

    It’s beautiful! I love the wood and design – what a fantastic piece. Instead of a shipping delay, I had the delivery delay and my nesting urge freaked out. I needed that chair! :-)

    It will look lovely with a little side table (I also had a dim lamp by mine for the middle of the night nursings before I mastered the lay down on the side position).

    So excited for you!

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    Marie-Hélène said:

    Wow, that rocker is absolutely perfect. Great find!

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    rebecca s. said:

    what a gorgeous chair! so much better than the typical rocker.

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    sara said:

    I have a very similar chair that I love… but it doesn’t rock. I thought i could add a rocking base to the feet but I am not very handy. So I am curious: you said that you are waiting the “bottom” part of the chair (ie: the part that make the chair rock, right?). How does it look like? Do you have a link or something? That would be really appreciated!

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      alyson said:

      that is the complete chair. I WAS waiting on the base because it was routed to the wrong location! it’s a glider style chair and the seat part is set on springs that allow it to rock back and forth.

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    Abigail said:

    Wow… is this a Baughman reproduction? I had no idea they had a glider style. This is lovely. Are you going to restain it?

    Congrats, treasure hunter! :)

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    Sarah Jane said:

    First off – congrats! You look fantastic. I was wondering where you got all those great striped dresses? I’m not pregnant but I’m on a mission to find striped dresses and am turning up empty. Thanks!