my belly 37 weeks

I posted on Babble earlier today how I’m a bit anxious about becoming a parent.

and yea, I’m anxious.  I’m also scared, excited, nervous, overjoyed and completely filled with all the other emotions that could fit into this category.  but I don’t think it was until I actually saw my thoughts in writing that I realized no matter what kind of emotions I’ve got going through my mind, I am ready to meet this little boy and I am ready be his mother.

as my Dad told me recently, “there are plenty of different kinds of love.  but you have never thought about, let alone felt, the level of love you are about to experience…”

I think I’m getting pretty close.


  1. 29


    Jen said:

    It will all come together once you hold that little man. And you will turn to mush.

  2. 29


    wonderchris said:

    This post brought tears to my eyes. You and your little man will be in love for life!!

    So sweet and beautiful!

  3. 29


    rebecca said:

    dad nailed it! :)