5 things I never knew…

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if you missed my little announcement on Friday, I’m excited to join the crew of bloggers at great bloggers at Babble’s Being Pregnant blog.  I’ll be blogging for the blog every day in addition to posting here on Unruly Little Things, so be sure to stop by!

I admit.  before I got pregnant, I had no idea what to expect.  I was seriously naive about pregnancy and how my body and emotions would change.  I don’t know what I expected, but I sure wasn’t prepared for my dresses becoming dangerously short and a snotty nose.  hop over to Babble to see 5 things I never knew before becoming pregnant.


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    kat said:

    Yes, I also thought I’d be able to wear more of my looser clothes as maternity clothes. Not guessing that the empire waist they sport would keep me from wearing them for long, as both my bust and rib cage expands! I’ve been surprised too that I have been able to find a few suitable things at the thrift store in their maternity section. When shopping for clothes I’ll most likely only wear for a few months I’m looking anywhere that’s cheap!

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    abby said:

    I loved that post, Alyson!
    Although I am just getting ready for my 18th week, I’m finding most of what you said to be very true. I especially agree about the clothing issue! I bought some loose, tunic-y type tops that I thought would be perfect for my pregnancy, but lo and behold they could not accommodate my new bust line. And yeah, the snotty nose…
    Best of luck in the weeks to come, you are looking beautiful.

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    sinisterspark said:

    Wait until post pregnancy, when all your clothes will be either too small or too large. My pregnancy pants were falling off, and my pre-pregnancy clothes were a bit too tight! It was also too soon to buy clothes again as I was in a “transition” size. I am just about to buy nursing clothes to function as my in-between wardrobe.

    A great tip I got was to buy men’s shirts, or just buy stretchy shirts 2-3 sizes larger. I am still living in these.

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    Tara said:

    Great post! At 28 weeks, I’m struggling with clothing as well. Who knew something as simple as basic tee could be too tight and too loose at the same time or that maternity pants would be a necessity in the first trimester? It’s been quite the journey so far and I can’t wait to explore all the things I never knew about parenthood! Ha!