37 weeks – FULL TERM!


our little man is officially full term today.  hooray!!!  it absolutely blows my mind to think that most likely, he’ll be here within a month.  our lives are about to change forever and I’m so so filled with emotion.

that also means there are things to be done!!  this weekend we hung pictures on the wall in the baby room, washed swaddling blankets, cloth wipes and diapers, hung a little bookshelf and tried to get things a little more organized.  we also finalized our birth plan.  to me, I thought creating a birth plan was very important.  even if it’s just something for us or something to give to our doula.  I’ve learned in life to never become completely married to one idea because things can change so quickly.  however we just hope that this plan will help explain the kind of natural birth we are hoping to have.

next on the list – the hospital bag.  when you live 3 blocks from the hospital and your husband or visiting family member could run home and grab something and be back in fifteen minutes I suppose you learn that it’s really not a huge deal that everything be in there.  however, being the list maker I am, I starting compiling a list last night.

3 weeks little man… when will you decide it’s time?



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    Ashley said:

    You look fantastic, Alyson! Congratulations on the milestone. I can’t wait to meet your little main, if only virtually. (And p.s., just for the record, I completely agreed with you on the Babble push present point.)

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    rebecca said:

    You look great! Congratulations on full-term status. I’ll be there on Sunday and am anxious. What a relief, huh!? Have fun packing the suitcase. And can’t wait to continue to travel along with you on your journey.

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    Amy Nieto said:

    So beautiful! Oh, I can’t wait for the little man to get here!!

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    abby said:

    How exciting, and you are so radiant! It’s great to see such a healthy mama.

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    Elizabeth said:

    Congratulations, Alyson! You look wonderful. I’ve been following along with you throughout my own pregnancy. My little girl arrived 3 weeks early — now that we’re home and healthy and catching up on blogs, my one word of advice would be to pack your hospital bag in your car. It never occurred to me that my water could break when I was far from home : )

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    Congrats on being full term! The only thing you don’t want to forget when you go to the hospital is your camera. Everything else is unimportant!

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    rebecca said:

    cute! he’s growing!

    i just wanted to pass along the idea that you eat well once you realize labor’s started. there will likely be plenty of time to do this before things get too intense. (never too intense for water.) with calder it was so hard to get food and drink into me, and i know that didn’t help when my labor lasted 25 hours. i could have used some fuel! but with lake, i knew i had to eat so in the early hours of labor i had 2 helpings of spaghetti and some strawberry shortcake a friend brought down. and every time jeff offered water i took big gulps. even if you throw up – which i didn’t with lake – i know that food and drink helped keep my energy up for all that hard work. i guess i’m sharing all this b/c i made sure that “i can eat/drink whenever i need to” was part of my birth plan. esp. if you’re going to be at a hospital where there may be restrictions to that sort of thing, i think it’s important to have that on there. oh, and what about having some fresh squeezed oj on hand for after he’s arrived? you’ll be amazed how good it tastes!

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    rebecca s. said:

    you look amazing! huge congrats to you and your husband.

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    kate said:

    So exciting!!! p.s. I love your sweater:)

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    Barret said:

    I just had my son Saxon 6 days ago and I had a bag full of stuff I never used (we also live down the street and I packed like I was staying for weeks) but I did love having lotion and chapstick because it was so drying in there. Facewipes helped me feel clean and fresh and I brought a cozy nightgown because i got so sick of being half in and half out of the old hospital gown. but really what you need is rest! it’s exhausting! And afterwards I was so overstimulated from the whole event I couldn’t sleep for awhile. I am so excited for you, its the most incredible experience of my lifetime and my son is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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    Colleen said:

    So excited for you!

    For me, I was so glad that i packed chapstick, deoderant, a ponytail tie, and my toothbrush. Anything else was just icing.

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    song said:

    wow that cardigan is amazing! where did you find it? that yellow bodes well for a sunny birth

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    pws said:

    congrats on being full term :)! i read your blog but don’t usually comment but this post made me really want to say something! you’re totally right about things changing quickly — my little girl decided to come a whole month early (my due date was the 9th, very close to yours!) so talk about a change of plans! but the birth experience was still wonderful and eye opening and i still can’t believe this little baby in my arms is mine to keep :)! so enjoy these last few weeks pregnant because when your little man comes it’s going to be absolutely and beautifully lifechanging! good luck!

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    stephanie said:

    you look so happy and ready for your little guy to arrive! i am excited for that feeling someday.

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    Meagan said:

    Even at full term – you look incredibly good. No puffiness or anything – you are so beautiful! I bet you’re so excited :)