36 weeks


hiya little man

this is what happens when your Dad takes pictures of me.  I was being lazy and didn’t want to set up the tripod, so I decided to ask for his help taking my belly photo this week.  he laughs at me every time I pose for the camera, tells me I’ve got cheese-smile and pretty much pokes major fun at me the entire time he’s taking photos.  I usually throw a little hissy fit and beg him to just be serious but mostly, I laugh.  so hard.  sometimes so hard it makes my belly ache.  sometimes so hard I have to fight peeing my pants.

that’s why I love your Dad though.  he makes me laugh.  even when I’m the maddest I could be at him, or he’s doing something that drives me insane.  he grins at me and I crack.  I start giggling and next thing you know I’ve forgotten what I was upset about.

I’m officially 9 months pregnant which means, you’ll be here soon.  we’ve got things ready for you.  your moses basket rocker arrived today {thanks Roberta & Afton!}, I ordered you some diaper covers and we’ve got swaddling blankets galore.   the cats have been sleeping on your changing pad but don’t worry, we’ve got it covered with a blanket so their hair doesn’t get all over it.  I’m sure they’ll be sad when it’s no longer a bed for them.  all your little clothes have been washed and put away neatly in the drawer.  I picked out something for one of your first outfits.  I think you’ll like it.

we get to meet you so soon little man.  the emotion that swells up inside me each time I think of how close we are to actually meeting you makes my heart burst with joy.

xo mom



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    Jana said:

    Lovely mum you are!

    Have a good time and enjoy these pregnant days :)

  2. 18


    jamie said:

    you guys are so sweet. <3

  3. 18


    Chaucee said:

    you are totally adorable. and you look GREAT! so excited for you and your husband : )

  4. 18


    rebecca said:

    every one of these “letters” is so special. he will cherish them. are you thinking of printing and binding them in any way?

  5. 18


    casey said:

    :) my husband is the same way. annoying yet funny at the same time! your little “w” is almost here!

  6. 18


    Christina said:

    You are so dang cute! I love this series of photos, and I’m so glad you shared them all instead of hiding them away in the reject folder. I know your little man will cherish these notes and photos someday!

  7. 18


    Amy said:

    Aw! This made me smile :) i miss you guys!!!!

  8. 18


    Brittany said:

    wow, you just look amazing! i can’t wait for this little guy to come so we can find out his name! the suspense is killing me!

  9. 18


    abby said:

    oh the excitement!
    Beautiful final photo, but I think my favorite is the top right one : ) this made me smile.

  10. 18


    Kellie said:

    Oh, such a boy belly. I have three!! Love them, boys are all up front. This is such a sweet blog. Good luck, boys are just sweet and delish and LOVE their moms most of all.

    My advice, learn to change the diaper fast when they are small to avoid getting peed on. he he

  11. 18


    Dana said:

    So sweet! Happy last month, mama!

  12. 20


    ethanollie said:

    i think this is perfect. your range of emotion here captures what every 9 months pregnant mama feels like in those last weeks. home stretch!