35 weeks


I decided it was time I show you that belly that’s been hiding underneath my clothes.  it’s quite round, quite large and it’s getting in the way.  for example… the other day Levi and I were at Ace Hardware picking up some hardware thing we needed for the baby room.  the aisles are quite small.  there were a few younger guys walking down the aisle we were on and they wanted to pass by us.  I realized that I wouldn’t be able to let them squeeze by my unless I turned myself sideways but it wasn’t soon enough.  it ended up being one of those “hello, yes I’ve got a giant belly and oh, sorry I didn’t realize it was so huge that you couldn’t squeeze past me in the aisle” kind of moments.  oops!

we had our baby party this weekend.  it was a lot of fun!  there were virgin bloody marys {and real ones for the non-pregnant people}, chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry cake, baked feta amazingness, homemade onion dip, fruit salad {with more strawberries!}, radish sandwiches and lots of other goodies to go around.  I hardly got any photos but we did manage to get one good photo of Levi and I.

me and levi

I can’t believe how close we are to meeting our little man.  just about a month to go.


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    Love that striped dress…and belly!

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    bec said:

    a beautiful belly!

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    Lindsay said:

    Have you checked out Camp Comfort lately? You guys are twins in more ways than one! (and you both look great!)

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      alyson said:

      hehe, I know! she’s my buddy here in Portland and tipped me off that it was on sale at H&M! I have the black and white one too that I posted a few weeks back. figured you can’t have too many striped dresses. ;)

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    Brooke R. said:

    I remember those big belly days. Turning around in a public restroom stall to flush the toliet was downright hilarious. Or I distinctly remember trying to suck in and squeeze through a tight space completely forgetting that I was pregnant. :) Less than a month to go until you meet your boy! Juniper and I can’t wait!!

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    paige said:

    you’re almost there…how exciting!!
    you look amazing. :)

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    debbie said:

    you guys look adorable!

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    katie said:

    adorable! you look so happy! a million congrats on it all :)

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    Chaucee said:

    you look great! honestly, when i see pregnant bellies i think they are the most adorable thing at any time during the term.

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    Amy Nieto said:

    So sad I couldn’t make it :( Your belly belly is lovely!!!

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    Rachel said:


    I was wondering if you have considered using the Montessori method in your home with your new little creation? The first year of life is really critical regarding their learning capacity. The world needs a new generation of brilliant thinkers!! Blessings for your family and I pray you have a beautiful birth!

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    ohmygod alyson. you look beautiful!! so sweet.

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    rebecca s. said:

    you look absolutely beautiful!