34 weeks


it’s hard for me to believe that time is going along so quickly.  I was just telling Levi this morning how I felt like I blinked my eyes and March was gone.  at 34 weeks pregnant, I’ve got 3 weeks until our little man is considered full term and just 6 weeks until my guess date.  it’s creepin up quick!

which leaves me a little anxious to get everything in order.  I know we’d be ok if he were born tomorrow, but I still feel like there is still an awful lot left that we need.  one thing that’s been hard for me to accept is that his nursery probably won’t be absolutely finished until after he’s born.  I had all these visions of “the perfect nursery” but when it comes down to it, simple is better anyway, right?  besides, I need to concentrate more on the important stuff like the hospital bag or finishing that mountain of books on my bedside.

42 more days.


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    jamie said:


    the nursury. yeah. it doesn’t matter. friends will ask… are you all ready for the baby, is his room done?

    and i am like, two totally different things! the rooms are for *us*. they don’t really need any of it. ;)

    lookin good lady!

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    Chaucee said:

    You look so beautiful. Pregnancy suits you! I hope I look just as cute. Has the exercise gotten more difficult or uncomfortable? It’s okay if you don’t want to answer – I’m just curious.

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    Claudia said:

    Oh! Nurseries are over rated ;)

    I had to be at the hospital to realize it completely. You honestly only need a place for the baby to sleep, some outfits, a blanket to keep the baby warm, a few burp cloth, diapers and wipes….and your boobs (actually the most difficult part…ah ah ah). And a nursing pillow if you want to be trendy ;)

    So don’t worry about it and just enjoy those moments!

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    Amanda said:

    My prenatal yoga teacher gave me good advice when I was pregnant: don’t finish everything too early, or you’ll go crazy waiting if the baby is “late.” Even if it just a few little things left to do, it will help make it feel like a surprise whenever the baby comes. My baby came right on time, but having watched friends and sisters wait, I think it is really great advice. As long as you’ve got diapers and a place for the baby to sleep, the rest can be figured out later. Oh, and a car seat!

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    Sally Mae said:

    You are adorable! And yes, simple is great! So much will change when baby is here anyways that you won’t even remember what you wanted to get done. You will be ready:)

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    Ruthy said:

    It’s kind of nice that the Nursery won’t be completed until the wee man is here. At least that way you will have met each other in person, shared a few snuggles and really be able to finish his room knowing a little about his character. Work in progress, just like parenthood!
    You’re looking fantastic…& I’m loving the sunshiney yellow!
    Not long now, Eee…

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    Lexie said:

    I love the sunny yellow baby bump! So excited for the next few months for you … what a special time!

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    I love the yellow bump! And I know how you feel. We actually moved the week before our baby was born. That was 5 months ago, and we still have a lot of organizing, decorating, and renovating to do! It stresses me out, but at the same time, I have to remember that there are more important things in life than having a put together home… It’s still bugs me, though.