I will go to sleep

i will go to sleep

last night Levi and I watched The Happiest Baby on the Block.  it’s been in my queue of videos to watch for awhile now but we’d want to wait until I was a little closer to my guess date to watch it.  in short – it was incredible.  at times we found ourselves both staring a the screen, mouths open wide, in awe that calming a fussy baby seems SO easy if you know the right steps.  this morning we quizzed each other on the 5 S’s while enjoying our peaceful morning* in bed.  I highly recommend watching it if you haven’t already.  the tips really seem like no brainers once you see them, but with everything else about a newborn, it’s all so new.

{*every morning during the week I set my alarm to 6:15.  I immediatly turn it off without snoozing and continue to lay in bed until 7 while thinking about my day ahead but mostly I enjoy feeling the little man stretching and waking up too.  I enjoy every second of that time of peace because I know I won’t have again for a very long time.}

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    jamie said:

    i’m not the only one who like to lay in bed all morning? but i mostly do it on weekends.

    this has been in our list also, maybe tonight!

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    melissa said:

    I haven’t watched the video, but I have the book. And as a first-time mother of a now 9-week old, let me tell you the 5 S’s WORKS!!!!! My friends and family are still stunned when they see how well just a shhhh in his ear stops his crying almost immediately. :D

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    Joanna said:

    Totally agree that that book saved us for the first few months! We still swaddle (4 mths). When we came home from the hospital my husband and mom re-watched the movie to be all brushed up. Good luck, you are getting so close.