I can’t see my toes

I don’t remember when it happened, but suddenly, I have to lean over to see my toes.  I didn’t even realize it until Levi asked me if I could and I looked down to discover, I couldn’t!  I’m guessing it happened right about the same time that I had to put three more dresses on the shelf to be worn post-pregnancy.

lately I’ve been getting a fair amount of swimming in at our gym.  we’ve been swimming for 30 minutes and I do a combo of freestyle, breast stroke and backstroke, depending on my mood.  I always feel so beat on nights when I’ve swam and this morning I noticed something:  I’m actually able to sleep through the night {mostly} when I’ve swam that day. no restless legs {hoorah!}, no uncomfortable sleep positions and no waking up every hour through the night.  looks like I’ll be swimming more often if it means I can sleep!

speaking of sleep…  it’s becoming harder and harder these days.  most of my evenings consist of yoga and stretching then massaging my legs before bed in hopes to curb that awful restless feeling.  plus, the little man has been camped out on my right side for a few weeks now, and sends me uncomfortable jabs and kicks when I’m laying on that side.  the other night, he was pushed up so close to the outside of my belly that we could actually see the shape of his little body.  needless to say, it was quite alien-like!  luckily, I’m quite comfortable sleeping on my left side.  and I’ve even managed to convince Levi to sort of be my body pillow and let me smash up against him with my back so I can kind of sleep halfway on my back and halfway on my left side.  I know back sleeping is kind of forbidden, but after a chat with my doula, she assured me that I’d wake myself up from lack of oxygen before I ever did any harm to the baby.  so as long as I’m comfortable in my half side half back position, I’m sleeping that way.  especially if it means I’ll get more sleep!


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    Claudia said:

    It is the first time that I read about the back – oxygen sleep thing! My doctor told me to do whatever I want (position) to get as much sleep as I can!

    My 1st trimester was total crap but the 3rd one is pretty good…if the baby doesn’t move, I don’t even feel pregnant! Pretty strange when you consider that I took 40lb!!!

    I hope that the swimming will make you feel-sleep better.


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    amy said:

    Swimming feels great doesn’t it! Just wondering, what kind of maternity suit do you wear?

    Btw…we are due with baby #2 in July and just found out that it’s a boy. His name is going to be Levi (which i saw here on your blog that it was your husband’s name and that is where we got the idea, so thanks to you and your hubby!)

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    s. said:

    It’s the first time I hear about the back sleeping too… but it is well known that you shouldn’t lay on your right side, because of the vena cava (risk of not being able to pump the blood properly to your brain and the placenta. That’s why babies hate it and kick so much when moms are on their right sides!)
    But if we were to listen everything and everybody, we wouldn’t sleep at all…

    I am 31 weeks pregnant and I have terrible insomnia as well. Usually I wake up around 5 and can’t go back to sleep for a couple of hours. I noticed that eating a snack helps me falling asleep. I’ll try swimming too!

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    brooke said:

    That’s great that you are figuring out what things are comfortable and work for you ~ which is hard to do sometimes even when not pregnant! Awesome that you are swimming too. :)

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    Corinne said:

    I can’t see my feet either… and it’s seriously difficult to put on socks and tie my shoes. I can only imagine how hard it’s going to be in the 8th and 9th months! BTW, I just had a pregnancy massage tonight – it was soooo nice. I highly recommend it if you haven’t already done so!

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    emma said:

    Have you tried sleeping with a body pillow? I purchased one from target ($10) and it has been a life safer for me. I am only 24 weeks, but feeling more uncomfortable by the day…

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    Dana said:

    I second the body pillow recommendation! It made a big difference for me.