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    jamie said:

    super cute.

    rug is the *one thing* we did not buy for his room, but it is on kind of long term hold.

    (there is a cheap ikea placeholder in there for now)

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    Kaitlyn said:

    CUTE! I love the little turtles!

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    Anna said:

    I bought a Thomas Paul dhurrie rug for my son’s room before he was born, thinking the soothing colors would be fitting for a baby, and the design would be pleasing to me.
    But then I found the rug you’ve posted here (via my Mom, actually) at a Tuesday Morning store, and replaced the dhurrie with this. I’m happy with it; the rug is soft and he likes the animals. As it turns out, I think it’s better in a little boy’s room than the more serious-looking one I originally put there. Ha- you’re right about the giraffes, though!