30 weeks


and it begins… the countdown of sorts.  to me, I feel like 30 weeks is a major milestone.  it feels like a big deal.  10 weeks left till my “guess date”.

we watched a documentary this weekend Pregnant in America.  it was just ok.  it was kind of along the same lines as The Business of Being Born but it follows a couple on their journey to find out more about natural childbirth while having their own baby.  one thing I picked up from the film was the concept of a “guess date” rather than a due date.  people get so wrapped around this single day, even when only 5% of all babies are born then!  since I’ve had 3 different due dates over the course of my pregnancy I suppose I’m best off following the concept of a few “guess dates”.

let the guessing polls begin.



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    stacy said:

    tomorrow is my ‘guess date’ but i’ve told myself from the beginning that i’d be late (i was 8 days late with my first). still hard not to get a little antsy though! cute belly!

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    Chaucee said:

    I really love this dress! It looks great on you. 30 Weeks is so exciting : )

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    jamie said:

    i am all about the due “range”. whenever people ask my due date I tell them mid april, and though I wish I could be more vauge (april!), they *always* want me to be more specific. “yes but what day?” ummmm….. really?

    anyways. i am just preparing that he could come as early as the begining of april, but not expecting him until late april to keep the “antsy” at bay. ;)
    lookin good lady!

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    rebecca said:

    i used “due zone” the last go around.

    lake showed up 13 days after the “due date” and i was only starting to get fussy about it b/c people just couldn’t stop asking when he was due. ah, pregnancy is so public, right?

    anyway, i appreciated the theory/fact that your babe’s gestation is based on the length of your cycle (ie, natural hormone levels.) mine is long/erratic and my boys were both “late”. in the end it’s all just an average anyway. our bodies and the babe’s bodies know what they’re doing.

    looking lovely in the stripes, btw. i never wore bump-hiding clothes. rock the belly in stripes!!

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    Julie said:

    You look really adorable!

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    Amy said:

    A you look fabulous! Miss you!

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    sonya said:

    on average, ist babies are born 10 days post edd. (this is the technical term for “due date”, it stands for “estimated date of delivery”. being in the birth world, all my friends refer to their edd’s. no one i know ever says “due date”, it seems.) my son was born exactly 10 days after his edd.

    2nd babies, on average, are born 4 days after their edd.