we’re your parents


hiya little man.  here’s a few things I thought you’d like to know about us.

your mom
cooks dinner 99% of the time.
loves making breakfast on the weekends.
tends to be a pessimist.
gets really excited about puppies, snowflakes and chocolate.
could spend hours window shopping online.

your dad
makes the best crepes and breakfast smoothies ever.
tends to be an optimist.
loves learning new things.
can solve a rubix cube in under 2 minutes.
has a huge heart.

we’d be lost without each other.  your dad is my best friend and favorite person in the entire world.  you’re coming up quick into second place.  even when your little feet are jabbing me in the sides.  we love you to the stars already.

xo, mom

{thanks for the inspiration for this post, Angela}


  1. 26


    franny.glass said:

    i love this post!

  2. 26


    I for one am glad you spend hours online window shopping…you’re like the funnel that strains out all the crap and brings the best to us in your blog.

  3. 26


    Brittany said:

    this is really sweet. and it’s a fun get-to-know you post and stuff you wouldn’t normally find out when you read the blog.

  4. 26


    Ruthy said:

    This has me tilting my head to one side & cooing “Nawwwwww…” at my computer screen! So freakin cute :) xx

  5. 27


    This is sweet. I like all the baby blogs that people are starting these days. Makes me want to start my own. Hmmmm… we’ll see.

  6. 28


    julia said:

    oh my gosh. you guys are too cute! he is one lucky little man to have such awesome parents!

  7. 1


    so adorable! i love that levi can do a rubix cube :)

  8. 2


    you’re welcome. you two are adorable – and the little one will be too! can’t wait to meet him.

  9. 7


    found your blog while blog hopping. just had to drop a note to tell you that this post is one of the sweetest things i have read in a long long time.

    be well.

  10. 8


    uhhh im tearing!! So sweet. This is what happens postpartum! You guys are so cute.