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    jamie said:

    I KNOW.

    you & me both.

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    kristina said:

    No! He cannot have too many! Get 6-12 size (IMO) because he can start wearing them loose at 4 months and will keep wearing them as they get tighter until a year.

    Yay! I don’t have mine, AHEM I mean Dashiell’s, yet but I can’t wait for them to arrive!

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    Love! You are my little boy inspiration. I know exactly what to do if I have a girl, but if I have a boy, I’m looking to you!

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      alyson said:

      hehe, you want to know something funny? I pulled out all the little clothes I’ve collected for our little man and thought to myself, wow… this looks a LOT like my wardrobe!! so I’m sure I’d be dressing my little girl quite similarly, with the addition of some tiny floral prints and a spec {just a spec!!!} of dusty pink. :)

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    Feb said:

    i just need to comment on how delightfully FAT the baby in that etsy shop is. i’d like to have him for a snack.

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    kenzie said:

    I love those! I love babies in leggings, I really think they shouldn’t be wearing anything else. And I would love mom + baby matching ones. That would be epic.

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      alyson said: