taking a dip

rummey bears bump

Levi and I have been holding on to our gym membership for ages, even though we rarely go*, because I knew I’d want to swim while pregnant.  my pre-pregnancy one-piece has fit me for awhile, but the size of my belly has been slowly pulling the straps lower and lower, which is a bit risque for the gym.  I broke down and bought a maternity bathing suit last week and it showed up at my door last night.  for the price, it’s pretty amazing.  I’m off to test it out in the pool this evening.

the search for a bathing suit really got me thinking about warmer weather and taking a “babymoon”.  unfortunatly, due to our schedules and shortage of funds, a babymoon just won’t be possible.  however, a girl can dream, right?  here’s an outfit I put together of what I might wear on a little beach vacation.

baby moon outfit

t by alexander wang dress // old navy maternity bathing suit // j. crew straw hat // butter london jaffa polish // hazel cox earrings // bag’n’noun rucksack // virginia johnson shawl // yohji yamamoto x linda farrow sunglasses // no. 6 t-strap clogs

{photo from rummey bears}

*I decided that walking around our neighborhood is much more satisfying for me than trotting along on a treadmill in a gym packed with sweaty meat heads while every single channel seems to be tuned to the news, espn or the food network.  plus Levi walks with me and I can actually hear him talking rather than pounding feet or pumping techno music.


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    erin said:

    a babymoon sounds wonderful. and to be outfitted in the above would make it even sweeter.

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    brooke said:

    “too risque for the gym” ~ too funny! I have swum laps in a two-piece and it felt a little uncomfortable when the older “gentlemen” were in the hot tub.

    I too like just walking out the door to go for a walk better than a treadmill. It’s so much easier, faster, and there’s more fresh air. :)

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    Amy Nieto said:

    When I was catsitting at your place I found that walking up to Raleigh and 29th is QUITE A WORKOUT. (you know that hill I’m talking about, right? It’s kinda intense)

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    Rachael said:

    I am totally the top-falling-down girl at the gym pool. And everyone seems to be wearing goggles! Good suit find–I will miss the two pieces though.

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    Clare B said:

    I’m crossing-fingers, hoping and doing lots of baby-budgeting so that we can scrape in a babymoon before July. The summer’s are so short here and will disappear (I’m sure) with a new addition – an escape to somewhere warmer in May would be my absolute dream. Fear that the Alexander Wang dress will be out of the question though.

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    Susan said:

    Gorgeous photo!

  7. 17


    jamie said:

    that would be nice….

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    Also have the ‘summer bug’. Is the Old Navy swimsuit the one you bought? I purchased the same one yesterday. Looks cute.

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      alyson said:

      yes! it fits great. I wore it to the pool at my gym yesterday and it works great for laps too. as an afterthought, I kind of wish I’d gotten the tankini, because it’s a hassle taking the whole thing off when you gotta go! ;)

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    Love the vacation wishlist! I’m not pregnant and I’d wear all of those pieces all the same!

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    Rebecca Haas said:

    What a gorgeous photo! I love swimming when I was pregnant, even though I’m not a great swimmer. It’s so nice to be weightless, especially towards the end!

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    PJ said:

    Where would you babymoon if you could?

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      alyson said:

      oh man… anywhere with warm weather and sandy beaches!! mexico, hawaii, florida… the caribbean. sigh.

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    Brittany said:

    that shawl and those clogs are amazing. commence drooling.