I’m beyond thrilled for #1 to be a boy but these cute little pieces from Makie make me wish for a sweet little girl someday too.  perhaps #2?

my aunt mentioned a few weeks back that she was selfishly wishing I’d been having a girl because then she could send me all of my little clothes that my mom lent her when she had my cousin.  naturally I said, “send them anyway!!!”


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    Oh boy!

    Except…oh girl!

    Another teacher today said, “You’re carrying in front; you’re having a girl.” This post makes me want to hug her.

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    Claudia said:

    I know that it is horrible but I was super happy to have a girl because I wanted to buy/make cute baby girl clothes! Today, I got a mini top with with flowers and I was smiling like an idiot!!!

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      alyson said:

      hahaha, that made me smile too!

      I’ve had so much fun shopping for a little boy because I feel like I can dress him more like our styles – grey, black, yellow, neutrals etc – without being criticized that I’m not buying enough PINK. I can’t stand pink!

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    debbie said:

    i would like those top two in my size, please.

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    victoria said:

    ooh my goodness, these are so sweet. i love all of their little bloomers, especially the black gingham!

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    Oh my goodness… those clothes are ADORABLE. I especially love the floral bloomers. Why is it that they make the cutest clothes for babies? Can’t we wear bloomers, too?!

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    Jen said:

    I love makie – once in a blue moon I will buy something for my oldest because I know my youngest girl will wear it again. Isn’t that great for justifying. :)