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    debbie said:

    that’s easy—the hedgehog!

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      alyson said:

      I know… I *love* the hedgehogs!! but I’m being weird about them being black and yellow. they don’t match anything else! now, if they were grey and orange…. ;)

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    Caroline C said:

    I agree, the hedgehogs are my favorite!

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    kate said:

    i love, love both of your blogs! these mobiles are so utterly fab – i like your style :-)

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    kristina said:

    they truly are the best!!!

    A flensted mobile is my go-to baby prezzie. I’m partial to the hot air balloons, which Dashiell has in his room. And we have the wooden fish in ours. One can never have too many mobiles, it turns out.

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    katy said:

    haha, I went through the same thing when I was pregnant-couldn’t decide (and then decided on the sheep). Happy choosing!